Exciting News about Lucky’s Markets


We are super excited to announce we are in a new line of Healthy Grocery stores here in Florida. There will be 8 stores total by the end of 2017. This store is described as the love child of Whole Foods and Trader Joes offering Healthy Ingredients with a Cafe and a also offer a Sip and Shop program where you can sample different Craft Beers and Wines while you shop.

Lucky’s Markets focus on Local products as well and will be featuring our Original Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils.

Check the stores out and let us know what you think. We appreciate all our customer feedback and thank you for continuing to help us spread the word by asking your local favorite markets to carry the Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oils and for sharing our olive oils with your friends and family.

The company website is Lucky’s Super Markets

Here is a listing of the Lucky’s Market stores in Florida

Lucky’s Market
11750 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, Fl. 32817
(321) 354-1435
Lucky’s Market  (Coming Soon)
3170 W. New Haven Ave. West Melbourne, Fl. 32904
Lucky’s Market
1459 N.W 23 Ave. Gainesville, FL. 32605
(352) 240-6440
Lucky’s Market
3815 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL. 34112
(239) 330-3012
Lucky’s Market
9200 Wiles Road Coral Springs
Coral Springs, FL. 33067
(954) 603-9139
Lucky’s Market
1964 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL. 32204
(850) 273-7961
Lucky’s Market (Coming Soon)
7700 Peters Road
Plantation, FL. 33324
Lucky’s Market  (Coming Soon)
580 Atlantic Blvd.
Neptune Beach, FL. 32266
Take good care and keep in touch, Please share with your friends and following. Also if you are not near a Lucky’s Market or Whole Foods Market here in Florida you can still go to our website http://www.vigoacuisine.com and order 6 bottles for a 10.00 Flat Rate Shipping for the Holiday Giving.
Talk soon,
Miriam and Kristi

Soup Season is upon us Savory sips for supper.

Such a great way to end a day. I almost forgot to take the picture before I dove into this steaming bowl of lovliness. Can you see the bite out of the sweet potato?

Miriam made this today and shared a bowl with me and I have to say that if she wouldn’t have shared I probably would have been grumpy the rest of the day!

The flavors jumped out of the bowl there was sweet plantain and delicate acorn squash bits of chopped onions and tomatoes did the backstroke across a sea of olive oil drizzled, broth.

Canary Island Garlic Herb olive oil made the soup a huge Splash in my book. 

What are your favorite soups to snuggle up with in the winter?

I love root soups seems that they not only keep me warm but full as well. Being full is really one of the keys to weightloss I have been surprised to realize. 

Miriam added brown rice and Quinoa to the bottom of the bowl before serving. I also like to add some raw chopped greens and let them wilt. But no time for wilting today, I ate them and the greens had to go in the blender for a green drink.

Miriam: Ha ha I remember when we first started making green drinks at the restaurant  Debra, a dear customer turned friend, would call them Lawn in a Cup!

Kristi: Ha ha yep I remember the customers faces when you would parade through the cafe with a big glass of green drink perched on high. The customers faces couldn’t have looked more surprised if you had a squirrel sitting in the glass listening to his ipod.

Miriam: It did take quite awhile to get people to try it. But when they did they were hooked.

Kristi: I feel so great having it I miss it when I don’t have it.

Miriam: Well that’s when we are on the road we have to have Mobile green drink machine.

Kristi: If you guys are interested in Miriams soup recipe we can try to talk her out of it.🙂 or I will just enjoy the rest of it myself and no sharing!

Kristi: oh I almost forgot to tell you we will be in The Villages this weekend Nov. 5-6 Huge Art and Craft Show.

We would love to see you all out there. Lots and lots of shopping and music and dancing usually, it is the Villages afterall.

Talk soon

Miriam and Kristi. Do you do Facebook? Will you like us at http://www.facebook.com/vigoacuisine 

What’s your favorite soup? Leave us a comment 

Lake Wales Pioneer Days

imageThis weekend in Lake Wales Florida we are excited to participate in the Pioneer Days. A wonderful event going on since the 1970’s. There is an antique car parade, Civil War reenactments lots of Art and Craft booths. Lots of activities to fill the weekend. http://www.Facebook.com/LakeWalesPioneerDays

Be sure to stroll along the beautiful downtown Lake Wales to grab some more old Florida sites and do a little more shopping in its quaint downtown shops. Or stay the night and do an Old Florida weekend.

We love the chance to see our local friends since this so close to where we had our restaurant for 20 years in Winter Haven. Central Florida is so Beautiful full of old Florida scenery and still the convenience of Legoland!

Make plans to also go to http://www.boktowergardens.org while you are here. It is the highest point in Florida and also a nature preserve with a beautiful Carillon concert a couple of times a day. Take peanuts to feed the squirrels or nibble on yourself. Be sure to check out the history room and also the gift shop.

We look forward to hearing how you like your weekend and share in the comments any festivals you love.

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi

P.s. We just added a 10.00 flat rate shipping option on our website for the Holidays. Also you can now download a digital version of our cookbook.  You can grab your flat rate and book on our site. http://www.vigoacuisine.com

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14th Annual Downtown Dunedin Craft Festival | ArtFestival.com



Easy pizza with Canary Island Garlic herb olive oil http://www.vigoacuisine.com

This is the Last Show in Florida! We would love to see you there. Dunedin is a beautiful small town vintage Florida feel.
They have their own brewery cafes and coffee house small boutiques and of course delish food.
The art festival is beautifuly laid out and lots of fun. We love sharing recipes and seeing our students and customers. If you are still trying to get your hands on our first cookbook you can now download it on our website.

Take a couple hours and come on by we would love to see you.
Miriam amd Kristi
We will be in Muskegon Michigan next week so if you want our Super Summer Special call Now 18009752677
For directions for Dunedin check out the website   http://www.artfestival.com
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Acid Reflux: Swallowing the Devil


Acid reflux can feel like a slight tingle or hot lava poured down your throat. Some people even lose quite a bit of weight because every time they eat they get reflux and so try not to eat.

Even our youngest most vulnerable are not immune to being prescribed acid suppressing drugs. There has been a 16 fold increase in Doctors prescribing to babies under 1.  Just like our wee little ones the best option is to find the cause and not just treat the effect.

In babies it is very common to spit up and cry and just be irritable. Like most of us, minus the spitting up part!

We like to say that “spit happens” in babies, says Esther Israel, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston. “Gastroesophageal reflux is not a disease in infants. It’s a normal physiological response that babies often outgrow.”

Dr. Israel, M.D suggests changing diet and physical surroundings to add soothing atmosphere to help baby relax. Often it is noted that the parents ask the Doctor to prescribe stronger and stronger reflux drugs for their babies. Which makes sense if the parent looks for relief in a pill, then why wouldn’t it work for baby as well.

Miriam: I use to have to pop an acid pills like they were candy. I had boxes everywhere, in the glove compartment, my house, at my lighting store at the restaurant. Everywhere I might have an acid attack I needed the security that I could find relief, so I was never without  an acid pill.

Kristi: I know I remember it was like a Pez dispenser. You were so miserable when it would hit. You changed your diet and absolutely turned your self around.

Miriam: I started following the Blood Type Diet and my life completely changed! For years I struggled with acid reflux and it was just gone. gone. gone.  I also put my mom on the same diet and hers was  GONE,GONE, GONE.

www.dadamo.com Dr. Dadamo is the diet author you really should check this diet out.

We have Quick Fixes like drinking ginger tea or lowering your salt intake, getting rid of dairy, and all the whites,from your diet. Get off processed or prepackaged foods. Leave lunch meats at the Deli counter, much of the processing chemicals are linked to inflammation, painful gout as well as reflux caused from the stomach lining becoming inflammed.

Miriam: Along with those fixes implementing the Eat Right For your Type diet is the most effective long lasting acid reflux cure I have ever been fortunate to find.

Just as the solution suggestions for babies, change the food get off dairy or other processed items. Try to avoid taking a reflux pill because if the Devil is trying to climb his way back up your throat…maybe you should let him out. In other  words. If you are eating things to create the problem. Don’t eat them and the Devil will stay where he is.

In the Eat right for your blood type diet you will find foods that are healing like medicine to your body, foods that are just food to your body and foods that act like poison in your body.

This diet will help you avoid the poison foods and eat more beneficial foods that have the ability to turn your chronic sufferings around in no time at all. (no kidding two weeks.)

Take good care. Please share with your friends and family that may suffer with the Lake of Fire in their throats!

Talk soon,

Miriam and Kristi

P.S You can Now order your favorite flavors of Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oils on Amazon. Or our website www.vigoacuisine.com  you can also download our first cookbook Shake, Splash & Eat! Shockingly Simple Recipes. 3, 5 &7 Minute recipes so delicious you have to cook them with the kitchen windows closed…or the neighbors will come over!

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Coconut Water Dangers for Summer Time


Fresh fruit smoothie from http://www.vigoacuisine.com

Good evening it is a rainy summer afternoon here in Winter Haven Florida. We had a nice show this past weekend in St. Pete and will be doing a show in St. Armands Circle this coming week. We were talking this past weekend how easy it is to get dehydrated in the Summer time.

Often you see people carrying around water bottles or pretty jugs hanging off their backpacks or hip packs. When we do these shows outside you will always see lots and lots of people drinking soda or lemonade. Which although it quenches your thirst doesn’t really hydrate you with all the crazy soda chemicals in there.

What we have seen more and more of recently is the spike in Coconut Water. They have coconut water energizer drinks and coconut water now available cold in convenience stores. It is marketed as a healthier version of a cool refreshing drink. It still has sugar and most of the time it is made from dried powders and reconstituted with water and sugar.

Not to bum you out or anything but drinking excessive amounts of coconut water can be extremely dangerous. Now what is considered excessive? Well that depends on you how your body reacts to excessive amounts of potassium.

I was reading an article about a man who drank 8 bottles of Coconut Water over an 8 hour period while playing tennis outside. He ended up in the E.R. He was put on a pacemaker for his heart and his kidneys had gone into acute failure.

This is super serious. It is very easy to be hot and outside and I could see drinking 3 bottles very easily. Most people drink it because it will hydrate you but they don’t know it will also drop your blood pressure and make your heart spasm, where it flutters on the bottom but does not pump, this can lead to death if not treated.

The man did eventually recover and was taken off the pacemaker and his kidneys did recover as well. But how scary is that? I had no idea that a simple drink that you can buy pretty much anywhere could be that dangerous. We all kinda know if you drink several cans of Red Bull it’s gonna reek havoc but I never would have suspected Coconut Water.

So this Summer load up on Fruit Infused water (the kind you put fruit into water and add ice) Not the premade kind. If i want something fizzy Miriam and I started drinking a soda water that we squeeze Lemon or Tangerines into, it’s very refreshing and not gonna hospitalize you!

One of our Favorite smoothies is Fresh Mango with a wee bit of Almond Milk or Fresh Mamey, super duper refreshingly Delish!!

Talk soon and Take good Care,

Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh


You Can Now Download Ebook Version of our first cookbook on our website. Shake, Splash and Eat! Shockingly Simple Recipes.  www.vigoacuisine.com

To Order More Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil you can go to our website or Amazon

What other “Easy” Recipes really feel like when you read them!


Steak and acorn squash with Lime Canary island olive oil http://www.vigoacuisine.com

Good day to you my friend,
We are getting ready for a show this weekend in St. Pete and have been working on getting our second book put on Amazon.
We aren’t quite there yet, but it was brought to my attention how complicated it can be for you to get a meal on the table on the weeknights.
I see lots of recipe cards float around and videos with “Easy” recipes.

Do you think it’s odd you have to buy $50.00 in ingredients to make the dish?

A lot of the recipes have 10-15 ingredients. That’s a lot isn’t it?

As Professional Chef’s and restaurateurs for over 20 years, we like to spend our money on food!
I don’t know if you agree or not but loading up on dip mixes and ranch packets and onion  mix seems like just a bunch of powders…makes your dollars go up in a dust devil!

This is what most EASY recipes Feel like when you read them.

Easy weeknight Meal.
1tsp. $*#@%£÷, £#,÷¥!*;#
2tbl.   ! £#;=@$#¥:(÷?*! ¥/(/
3 cups.  ,÷! ¥”@$₩(=,,****&&,÷’*

Am I right??

Here is how our 3 Minute meals read when you use Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil
Weeknight Steak
3 T Canary island olive oil
2 garlic cloves
1 steak
1 tomato
1 acorn squash
A.) Saute garlic in oil till golden add steak cook till favorite doneness.
Serve on top of salad with brown rice & or acorn squash.
Splash up a storm!
Miriam and Kristi
You can now get our 1st cookbook on our website to Download http://www.vigoacuisine.com
We now have Great Specials on Amazon vigoa cuisine
Take good care
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