Health and my weightloss

Good evening. I want to share with you the exciting news of my  70lbs weightloss. As many of you know from having heard us speak, my weight has been a Huge issue in my life. Entire life actually.

Since I was a wee Lass I was a big bundle of Joy! I look back at pictures growing up and truly there has never been a time in my life that I was skinny or felt slim.

My heaviest was 240 lbs I was on blood pressure medicine and anxiety meds I was a wreck and I was eating myself into oblivion!

Stress and anxiety and eating chemically packed food I was heading for another trip to the E. R for sure. I had to make a change. It all came together 2 summers ago when I lost 50lbs in 4 months and now have kept it off for 2 years. I no longer take any meds except an occasional ibuprofen!

We share the story quite a bit when we teach but have had many requests for a second book sharing more tips and heathy tricks for weightloss. So…as promised we are putting the finishing touches on our second book now. I hope to announce very soon that it’s available.

In the mean time if you haven’t checked out our first book Shake, Splash & Eat! Shockingly Simple Recipes. You can now get a digital as well as a physical copy on our website. 

Take good care,

Kristi Linebaugh & Miriam Vigoa

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