Things are Always working out for you!

I found this quote tonight and I have to share it with you.

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think that you’ve lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And Now is right on time.”

 I’m not sure who said it but I do know that it is perfect for me.

 It is very similar to a wonderful saying that my Grandma Linebaugh always said,”It all works out in the end. If it’s not worked out…it’s not the end.”

I’m not sure if she came up with that bit at the end or not, but I’m gonna give her the credit. 

It’s so easy for me, maybe for you too to get caught up in the hectic crazy making of what is now our everyday lives. We have instant everything. Instant email instant breaking news, instant food…instant drama.

There is a lot to be said about waiting. 

Back in the “old days” you didn’t have a choice you just waited, it’s just what you did. And you found a way to get on with your life in the mean time.

Want an answer to a question from someone that doesn’t live near you. Well back then you wrote a letter , sent it and then…waited. Want chicken for dinner? Grandma had to go out and catch it first and in the mean time, you waited.  

Want to go to town and buy a new dress or suit? You got the horses out and hitched up the buggy climbed in and… waited while the horses carried you to town.

Now I’m not saying that we should go back to the “old days”. I once asked my Grandma Linebaugh, “Grandma, do you miss the good old days?” She said, with eyebrow raised, “they were the old days, they weren’t  necessarily the Good old days.”

My Grandma spoke as the woman who chased down the chicken, wrung it’s neck, picked the veggies, baked the bread, cooked the food, cleaned the kitchen, wrestled 3 kids into the wash tub,mended and made all the clothes. I think she’s an expert on staying busy while you wait.

I don’t think I ever saw my Grandmother bored or agitated waiting for something to happen. She had too much living to do to be agitated for something to happen, when it was going to happen in its own sweet time anyway.

I try to learn from Grandma. Because I don’t have to wait for the letter to get to the person and then for them to write back and them mail it back. I’ve got instant message.

Because I don’t have to wrestle a chicken to the ground…I’ve got drive thru.

No, I don’t have to hitch a horse to my wagon and go to town for a new outfit…I’ve got Amazon.

But the beautiful thing my Grandma Linebaugh possessed that I long to fully own, of hers, was no matter what she was waiting on she remembered, to live, in the mean time.

I am beginning to learn that just because we have the to power to Instant-ize any part of our lives. Time is still needed. Experiences are still necessary, the journey is still a teachable one. Sometimes things take a little longer than we wanted. But an acorn never rushes the oak that rests inside.

It’s not that our lives are taking soooo long to work out its just bigger things take a little longer than an instant message.

I sit back tonight with the trust that I want my life to be a long and enjoyable experience. If I have to wait a little while for “the good stuff” I know it’s just because it’s being aligned for the perfect time.

And like my Grandma Linebaugh always said, “It’s better to do without, at the beginning, than the ending.”

Thank you Grandma for that wisdom to wait. And another valuable lesson my Gtandma Linebaugh taught me. 

In this life if something is bothering you…just tune it out. Like she did with my Grandpa, when she got tired of hearing him ramble on about something, she just turned her hearing aid off!

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts along my journey. 

Wont you take time this evening with me to tune out what bothers you and sip some hot tea, listen to some relaxing music and give thanks….you don’t have to chase any chickens down for dinner tonight 🙂


Curry Soup and Glaucoma: “Let Food by Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food” -Hippocrates

Good beautiful morning,

The soup turned out great! I am having it again today as you know it just gets better the next day. Keep reading for a super secret chef trick to avoiding gas when eating beans and legumes.
Enjoy the soup 🙂

Curry Lentil Soup with Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil

Curry Lentil Soup
(this is an alternative version of George Matlajan recipe, thanks George)
1 cup of green organic lentils (Aldi has awesome ones)
4 cups of boiled water
3 Tablespoons of Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil
1 small to medium sweet onion chopped
8 baby organic carrots chopped in half
3 small or 2 large celery stalks sliced down middle then chopped
2 cups chopped organic kale    (Aldi has nice organic kale as does Walmart)
1-2 Tsp of yellow curry powder   (Miriam likes it light so I used 1 tsp but either way it’s great)
1/4 inch knob of ginger sliced thin and chopped
…..George’s recipe called for a can of tomatoes, but those are night shades and
cause inflammation for me, so I skipped the tomatoes. I also prefer not to use canned veggies
1 handful of chopped fresh cilantro
**Chef Secret for bean and legume cooking**  Add several strips of seaweed to the beans when you add all the other ingredients. The seaweed helps you not have gas when you eat the beans. Who knew? Our restaurant customers never knew but always appreciated it!
A.) Rinse lentils and set aside.
B.) Chop onions and garlic and let sit 5 minutes to allow the allicin to form, (healing good stuff)
…..Now George cooked his on the stove in about 30 minutes of simmering, I used the slow cooker and
set it and left it about an hour.
C.) Put all the ingredients except the kale and the cilantro in the add to the slow cooker and turn on High.
D.) I always boil the water before I put it in the slow cooker, it cooks way faster that way!. Add water
E.) After 30 minutes turn on low and toss in the kale and the cilantro and 10 minutes later you are ready to roll!! I like to
add a couple of squirts of Braggs Liquid Aminos on top and stir in for a bit of savoriness or a couple grinds of
the Celtic Sea Salt from Selina Naturally.
*Health Tip*
If you can eat up to 1 cup of kale a day you will add so many wonderful nutrients and help your body detox even at a cellular level getting rid of all the gunk we pick up during the day. Whether from outside or especially from what we eat. Very helpful with glaucoma as kale is full of lutein  a carotenoid  nutrient. Actually kale and collards are the highest in lutein and Kale helps protect different parts of the eye from light damage and oxygen damage.
Also Kale and lentils are high in Vitamin B-6 which helps with the nervous system and brain function. If you can lightly cook or steam the Kale the nutrients are more readily available for the body and will also help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.
That’s why we suggest adding the kale at the end of the cook cycle in the soup.
Be sure to like and share with your friends!
Take good care,
Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh
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St. Pete Beach  Florida Art and Craft Festival January 14-15.. Avocado Smoothie Recipe

This is such a fantastic week so far! I have had soup two times this week once a chicken soup something to crow about it was so good!

Then I had a homemade veggie soup with miso and buckwheat noodles with kale and squash and all sorts of fabulousness!

Of course we can’t miss the Luscious Avocado toast! February is when the California avocados are coming into season. They have great recipes on @CA_Avocados on Twitter.

Avocados are so cram packed with protein and potassium I don’t usually add any other protein powder to my smoothie. Usually the California Avocados Haas are the perfect size to pop 1/2 avocado in at a time.

What??? That’s the weirdest Avocado I’ve ever seen!!!!

Kristi: This is one of my favorite fruits and I use to never like them at all but I love them now!

Miriam: I know I think you ate the whole Dern thing didn’t you? Good thing my neighbors keep me supplied!

Kristi: ok I guess I should tell everybody what this picture of fruit is…

Miriam: by the way this fruit is excellent for digestion.

Kristi: yep so we have great tummy support awesome protein and fantastic potassium all in one smoothy… the fruit is….papaya!!!

1/2 cup almond milk

1 cup papaya

1/ avocado

Blend till smooth and add a dash of cinnamon.

Freakishly delicious and easy. I don’t add any sweetner although Miriam will occasionally suggest real maple for a sweet treat.

Till next time share with your friends and come by the show in st. Pete Beach this weekend we love to see you!

Miriam and Kristi



I love putting your Lime Canary island garlic herb olive oil in my smoothies and carrot juice in the morning. The fat from the olive oil sustains me and cuts down on how quickly my body absorbs the sugar in the juice. I love it! Jen (FL)   P.P.s 

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Life’s a Bowl of Cherries 2017

It’s January 3 2017 and It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in Winter Haven Florida! I just finished my coffee on the porch with the “outdoor” cat. Miriam made some great black eyed pea soup today at the shop and I just finished a big steamy bowl. You know you have to have black eyed peas for the New Year!

Was your New Year celebration like Lucy and Ethel trying to wrap chocolates?

I feel like our whole year was kinda like that! Trying to keep up with what you already got going just to find out that they are gonna, “Speed it up” on ya. Well sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

Kristi: Laugh at yourself (and others) in a nice way of course!

Miriam: Yes that is what I love laughing and enjoying life, learning to go with the flow is half the battle. If we are always fighting what is happening we end up paddling up steam and I always remember. Nothing I want is upstream!

Kristi: Yes I remember when we were going to do the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and it seemed everything was getting bunched up and nothing was going right. The permits for the show got lost and the person we spoke to was gone and the booth was wrong. It seemed every way we turned it was not working out.

Miriam: That should have been a sign! We should have said that obviously we aren’t suppose to go. But nope we powered through… We ended up getting stranded in 24 inches of snow in Lake Tahoe on Donner’s Pass!

Kristi: Oh you forgot the part about you driving the truck and the trailer and….You had NEVER driven in snow!!!

Miriam: OMG! that was so crazy! Of course at the time Kristi says to me. “Miriam, have you ever heard of Donner’s Pass?” I said, “Sound familiar but not really sure. Why?” Kristi said in almost a whisper, “I’ll tell ya later.”

Kristi: Ha Ha Ha Ha! I remember that. Well for those of you that don’t know what Donner’s Pass is, you have to remember at this point Miriam is driving in the Mountains with piles of snow around us that are taller than the tree tops! We were forced off the road by the Highway Patrol because we didn’t have chains on the car and they were expecting another 24 inches of snow!

Miriam: Yes it was exciting! Well Kristi told me later, much much later. That Donner’s Pass is where the people in the covered wagon times had gotten stranded in the snow while crossing the mountains and were snowed in so long they turned into cannibals!

Kristi: Yeah it was exciting alright! Especially when you were going down the 30% downgrade of a slope and all the snow from the roof slid down over the windshield and everything went black!

Miriam: Yes that was a bit of a debacle. But makes a great story Now!

Kristi: Yes we will have to tell that story in another post! I think killing snakes was involved!

Miriam: Ha Ha yes my my. But we did learn quite a lesson there. If in life something you are working on just isn’t coming together and every decision and every circumstance isn’t allowing it to come together. Take it as a sign! Go with the flow, don’t get stuck in the snow!

Kristi: I agree I agree! Especially if you only have flip flops on, but that’s a story for another post! I know in my life I tend to get all wadded up like Lucy and Ethel and try to keep up with life and end up stuffing myself and my life with too much to do and too much to keep up with.

Miriam: I have really learned this past year that Everything is Always Working Out for Me! I don’t have to be in all places at all times tending to all the fires. I love a quote I hear from Abraham. “If you are always putting out fires in your life, stop running through the brush dragging a blow torch!”

Kristi: I love that! Keep it simple. Keep it low key. Go with the Flow.

Miriam: Yes I committed to myself that nothing was going to get me in a wad. I will float down stream and be easy about my life. Now that we don’t have the restaurant anymore I have more time to work on things that I want to work on and look forward to sharing more with you all in the up coming weeks and months.

Kristi: Yeah!!! I love when you share because I get to eat all your recipes you share!! WOO HOO!!  Yep so get ready for some good stuff coming your way and remember Life really is a bowl of cherries.

“Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it serious, it’s mysterious. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love.” Bob Fosse

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi


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Why wait?? The 2 second decision that changed my life. Love to see you in person…Check this out on Pinterest.

✪Why wait start now..Flagler Beach –

Did you do it? Did you Finally do it? That little voice in your head that says, “I have got to change. I can’t go on like this.” Did you finally listen and give in and say. NO more trying, as a good friend says, “trying is lying”

Well did you do it? I did. I committed to myself that I will continue everyday going forward in my healthy living journey. One day at a time one moment at a time one step at a time.

It’s easy when you stay in the now. Not the past or the future. The now. What am I doing right now to further my healthy life plan?

Well I just walked a mile after lunch. I had black coffee instead of mocha and I cooked my breakfast in Canary island garlic herb olive oil.

If you have known us for any amount of time you know “The splash”. Our seasoned olive oil and you know I’ve lost 50 lbs and got off blood pressure medicine using our oils.

For me it was the easiest most “sane” weigh I have ever accomplished a weight loss goal in my life. Yes my entire life. Period!

It all begins with a decision. Someone asked my how long did it take you to lose 50lbs. I answered 35 years and 2 seconds.

Funny answer? Well not really. It took me 35 years of complaining and moaning about being fat and getting fatter and it took me 2 seconds to truly make the decision to lose the weight for good.

2 seconds to say. You can do this!

2 seconds to say . You deserve this!

2 seconds to say. This will be the Easiest thing you’ve ever done!

And it was! Join us today for the easy way to lose weight. “Don’t cook. Splash!”

Talk soon,

Leave us a comment what was your 2 second life change?

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Exciting News about Lucky’s Markets


We are super excited to announce we are in a new line of Healthy Grocery stores here in Florida. There will be 8 stores total by the end of 2017. This store is described as the love child of Whole Foods and Trader Joes offering Healthy Ingredients with a Cafe and a also offer a Sip and Shop program where you can sample different Craft Beers and Wines while you shop.

Lucky’s Markets focus on Local products as well and will be featuring our Original Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils.

Check the stores out and let us know what you think. We appreciate all our customer feedback and thank you for continuing to help us spread the word by asking your local favorite markets to carry the Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oils and for sharing our olive oils with your friends and family.

The company website is Lucky’s Super Markets

Here is a listing of the Lucky’s Market stores in Florida

Lucky’s Market
11750 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, Fl. 32817
(321) 354-1435
Lucky’s Market  (Coming Soon)
3170 W. New Haven Ave. West Melbourne, Fl. 32904
Lucky’s Market
1459 N.W 23 Ave. Gainesville, FL. 32605
(352) 240-6440
Lucky’s Market
3815 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL. 34112
(239) 330-3012
Lucky’s Market
9200 Wiles Road Coral Springs
Coral Springs, FL. 33067
(954) 603-9139
Lucky’s Market
1964 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL. 32204
(850) 273-7961
Lucky’s Market (Coming Soon)
7700 Peters Road
Plantation, FL. 33324
Lucky’s Market  (Coming Soon)
580 Atlantic Blvd.
Neptune Beach, FL. 32266
Take good care and keep in touch, Please share with your friends and following. Also if you are not near a Lucky’s Market or Whole Foods Market here in Florida you can still go to our website and order 6 bottles for a 10.00 Flat Rate Shipping for the Holiday Giving.
Talk soon,
Miriam and Kristi

Soup Season is upon us Savory sips for supper.

Such a great way to end a day. I almost forgot to take the picture before I dove into this steaming bowl of lovliness. Can you see the bite out of the sweet potato?

Miriam made this today and shared a bowl with me and I have to say that if she wouldn’t have shared I probably would have been grumpy the rest of the day!

The flavors jumped out of the bowl there was sweet plantain and delicate acorn squash bits of chopped onions and tomatoes did the backstroke across a sea of olive oil drizzled, broth.

Canary Island Garlic Herb olive oil made the soup a huge Splash in my book. 

What are your favorite soups to snuggle up with in the winter?

I love root soups seems that they not only keep me warm but full as well. Being full is really one of the keys to weightloss I have been surprised to realize. 

Miriam added brown rice and Quinoa to the bottom of the bowl before serving. I also like to add some raw chopped greens and let them wilt. But no time for wilting today, I ate them and the greens had to go in the blender for a green drink.

Miriam: Ha ha I remember when we first started making green drinks at the restaurant  Debra, a dear customer turned friend, would call them Lawn in a Cup!

Kristi: Ha ha yep I remember the customers faces when you would parade through the cafe with a big glass of green drink perched on high. The customers faces couldn’t have looked more surprised if you had a squirrel sitting in the glass listening to his ipod.

Miriam: It did take quite awhile to get people to try it. But when they did they were hooked.

Kristi: I feel so great having it I miss it when I don’t have it.

Miriam: Well that’s when we are on the road we have to have Mobile green drink machine.

Kristi: If you guys are interested in Miriams soup recipe we can try to talk her out of it. 🙂 or I will just enjoy the rest of it myself and no sharing!

Kristi: oh I almost forgot to tell you we will be in The Villages this weekend Nov. 5-6 Huge Art and Craft Show.

We would love to see you all out there. Lots and lots of shopping and music and dancing usually, it is the Villages afterall.

Talk soon

Miriam and Kristi. Do you do Facebook? Will you like us at;

What’s your favorite soup? Leave us a comment