How to Enjoy Stress

Good Beautiful Day to You! If no one has told you today that they love you, let me be the first! I Love you, you are precious, there is none other than you that has your, thoughts and ideas and unique ability to express them. Let’s not let that goldmine of hope buried in your soul, escape the daylight! Let’s share it with each other 🙂

Today, real quick I want to talk about enjoying stress, sounds ludicrous (thank God for spell check!) But there really is a way to enjoy stress and I’ll share with you a few ways here. I’ve been seeing a lot of stress around us with all the Covid 19 area that we’re experiencing and it’s easy to swim in a sea of stress instead of relaxing on the beach, that’s for sure. mountain road

I think back of a time when I experienced a sudden onset of stress. Many of you may know that Miriam and I are teaching chefs and travel the country doing live events. To be able to do that we need to pull a trailer behind us (thank God Miriam is a great trailer driver!) and we take the trailer everywhere. Well, one such trip we were in the mountains of Vermont. We had a destination, we had a map an address and had spoken to the person earlier that we were going to see. They said it would take no time to get there and that the directions we had were perfect.  So off we went…

Well the direction giver had no idea we had a trailer, and why should we volunteer? Needless to say, the road went almost straight up, okay not exactly but it was enough that I had to lean forward in my seat to not freak out😉  AND the road got narrower and narrower….curiouser and curiouser…the boulders got closer and closer to the car and we weaved through the road, which turned into a path. Many times Miriam had to back up and reposition the car to keep from scratching the car and getting the trailer stuck on a rock or tree limb. I was hanging my head out the window as we moved inch by inch sometimes as close as a 1/2 inch from the rocks, I held my breath (like that helped!) Hearts pounding and palms sweating we continued to move forward.


WHY would we keep going on a path that was so difficult? BECAUSE it would have been worse to try and turn around! We had to keep going forward. Here’s the thing. We knew that eventually, we would get there. Because everyone else had made it through safely. We had someone on the other end waiting for us that had made it through, so we personally knew it was possible.

So, what did we do? We focused on the very present precious moment. We focused all our energy and creativity on maneuvering through the twists and turns as they presented themselves. We kept breathing and stayed right where we were, slowly, and let me tell you it was slow….We kept moving forward. Eventually, we started laughing at the craziness of the situation as oncoming cars started waving and encouraging us that we were doing a great job! Even a couple nice locals jumped out of their trucks and covered our blind spots so people wouldn’t come around too fast.

You see, no matter what that road threw at us, we were taken care of. No matter how many branches I had to reach out and hold away from the windshield and no matter how many times Miriam had to tweak her steering around the boulders… we made it…alive! The best part is the person waiting on the other side was super impressed we got through there with a trailer!!!! LOL Then they told us of a little longer way to go down but much easier… with a trailer🤣

What I see now is how important it was to let that stress help us focus on the task at hand and in the background rest on the fact that it is possible to get through, lots of other people get through here every day and their truck didn’t end up in the tree! So today as you encounter your own boulder in the road, remember, there is always a way to get around it, over it, or squeeze next to it…you might have to hold your breath. But you’ll make it through… we always do! And shuckydern, it’s gonna make a great story later! Do you have a boulder story? Share it in the comments

Take good care,

Kristi Linebaugh

Miriam Vigoa

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