Strength in times of Change

Good beautiful morning! I am sitting on my porch with a cup of hot tea watching the lawnmower man zip around the yard in his yellow rain jacket. He’s hunched over a little probably to keep the old rain from running down his chin into his shirt and soaking his chest.

As I sit here on the dry porch thinking of all my tasks for the day and watching the “neighborhood” eat her breakfast, it dawned on me.

We are all in the same space experiencing the same moment in time but our experience of this very moment is completely different. I’m sipping hot tea and clicking away in my phone writing to you. The cats happily munching away and the lawnmower man has now zipped on around the corner, not letting a cold rainy day stop him from doing what he needs to do.

Here’s the thing. We’re all in this moment together. Doing what we do. Going about life as usual. Yes the lawnmower man isn’t enjoying his hunkered down cold position and yes he’s probably driving faster than usual and he may even be cussing. Or he may be laughing, there’s no way I can know. Because I’m on the porch with the cat, doing what we do every morning.

Lawnmower man is getting on with business. Even though it’s miserable and raining (quite hard in fact) he hasn’t slowed down. He hasn’t parked under the portico, he isn’t stomping around and pitching a fit. He’s doing like Elvis, Takin Care of Business. That’s my lesson I learned today. We’re all in it together, but for some it’s super uncomfortable, some it’s down right horrifying, some it’s a time of growing and transforming. I choose to grow through this instead of simply go through this. I’m gonna do my best, thank yiu Lawnmower man! Here’s to doing what we do and doing it the best we’ve ever done! Don’t give up, just zip up, put your head down and face that rain! Yes we’re gonna get wet, yes it’s gonna be cold, yes we may even curse a bit, but we’re gonna get it done! Because that’s what we do! We’re in business to serve our customers and bring them value and make their lives easier! So let’s do it!

What’s your lawnmower man inspiration?

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