Eat to Beat the Wintertime Blues: 3 Foods to Lift your Mood

"Vinterlandskab med Brabrand Kirke" by Christian David Gebauer

By Christian David Gebauer

How to conquer winter depression. Winter blues and anxiety. Is winter blues and winter depression the same thing. Maybe you’re thinking….dern that’s whats wrong! (with my spouse!) Whether it’s you or someone you love, depression or the blues is no laughing matter. But let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t have to take the horses out on the sleigh or go down to the frozen lake to cut blocks of ice. Like Christian David Gebauer’s painting, it’s pretty to look at but I wouldn’t want to do it!

I just read a great blog Champney’s Health Spa on Foods to Eat to Beat the Winter Blues

It discusses the lack of Vitamin D can bring about Winter Blues or Wintertime depression,  the good news is, we talked about in our last blog post, Daylight Savings gonna make you scream, there are foods that will help lift the winter blues and anxiety.

  •  Root Vegetables

Kristi: I Love a good root soup and you make the very best!! Hallelujah, that acorn and sweet potato soup you made the other day, knocked my socks off!

Miriam: Thank you, I love working with acorn squash and it’s so fantastic right now. I really love the squash from Aldi they seem to have the best price and freshest of the acorn squash available. Check out their blog at the link above they are featuring the squash and also the grass-fed beef that I absolutely adore!

Kristi: And that dab of fresh ground cinnamon on top of the soup. Oh my oh my oh my!

Miriam: I really enjoy the root vegetables they add such a nice sweetness to the soup and in the winter the root vegetables will bring you warmth. The sweetness in the soup is simply the veggies, I don’t use sugar as it will spike your sugar and cause mood swings…none of us need any of that. Right, Kristi 😉

Kristi: haha, hey…what are you trying to say 🙂

Julia Mueller from the blog The Roasted Root says it great, “The answer is simple: whole, unprocessed, low or no inflammatory foods. In this sense, you should aim for foods that contain zero or small amounts of refined sugar….lean animal protein…leafy greens…root vegetables.”

Here is a great recipe that I kinda made the other day I hadn’t seen Julia’s recipe but I think it would work just as well. I didn’t use the bacon but the brussel sprouts and acorn squash were fantastic in the  OriginalCanary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil, I drizzled a little of the Hot Canary Island Olive Oil over the top before I ate it…lip-smacking! Julia’s recipe calls for maple, cinnamon, and pecans, well that’s always a good idea!

  • Citrus and Vitamin C

So we know now that root vegetables will give you a little boost in the mood department, next let’s look at citrus and vitamin c. I love nothing more than eating mandarin oranges, (okay truth be told I eat 3 or 4 at a time, hey, they’re’ little!)

Citrus has the awesome punch of vitamin c and is full of antioxidents which not only help rid your body of toxins but gives you a boost when you’re get up and go has got up and…went back to bed on the couch…with its house shoes on….and an afghan! And it ain’t gettin up no way no how!


picture courtesy of Department of Agriculture

Beat the Winter Blues suggests eating more citrus and veggies in the winter for brain health. For example. Broccoli, Grapefruit, strawberries (only organic, strawberries are heavily sprayed so stick with the organic Aldi has AWESOME organic strawberries and grapes), Tomatoes Peppers and Potatoes.

Kristi: Miriam makes an insanely amazing stuffed pepper with everything from ALDI! I was just checking their website and they have an awesome recipe for a quinoa bowl recipe I bet that would Rock the World stuffed in a pepper…Can I get an Amen!

The third food we will talk about that will Boost the Mood is…

  • Protein

Carbs and protein are best buddies and work together to reduce irritability and anxiety as well as increasing your overall alertness. Protein foods are also perfect for increasing your norepinephrine and dopamine helping you concentrate.

Focus on healthy lean meats, I’m not talking about running down to the local BBQ joint and grab a slab or ribs swimming in sauce or grab a bucket of KFC. There’s a time and a place for that but if you are having a down in the dumps kinda day, adding fast food will get you in a bad mood…fast! There are too much processed chemicals, msg, and fat.

Stick to Lean Beef, Fish, Chicken, beans, and yogurt. Like we spoke about in the last blog try cooking these goodies at home to help avoid all the overprocessing and buckets of salt and chemicals.

Take good care and until next time, Give your family a hug and a kiss and take a friend out to coffee! (pick me pick me!!)

Talk soon,

Miriam Vigoa & Kristi Linebaugh

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In good health,

Miriam and Kristi



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