Daylight Savings gonna make you Scream? Why and What to do about it!

Edvard_Munch_-_The_Scream_-_Google_Art_ProjectWhy is it we are so easily upset? Stress, stress, don’t mess with me! I don’t mean when your dog makes a deposit on your new carpet and then tries to blame the cat. We all tend to look like Edvard Munch picture the Scream! I mean when our daily system of comings and goings get all in a wad. We wake up at the same time (or not), we try to wake up at the same time every day. We go to work or we go do errands or whatever the schedule calls for. We feel fine, but just let the evil hands of Daylight Savings grab you and all heckaroo brakes lose.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a good extra hour to sleep but it sure messes with me the rest of the day. Why is that? Well, I read a great article today that sheds light on the extra hour of sleep evil conundrum! I will give you a summarized version of the article if you are short on…time!

It turns out that the extra hour of sleep messes with your brain not just your bad attitude 🙂 it’s because the fallback portion of the daylight savings makes it dark sooner.

How it works.

The darkness is picked up by your brain in the pineal gland which releases melatonin,  the night night time to go to sleep juice. So your brain picks up on the dark it thinks you are supposed to be asleep but you are forced to stay awake. That’s probably why I always fell asleep during elementary school when we watched a film in class!

Anyway, what happens is when we sense light our melatonin starts to dissipate and serotonin is released, and serotonin is the good mood dude. So the cure is we need more natural light to feel good and perky. They do have natural light boxes you can sit in front of to help if you suffer from clinical sadness   

The good news is most of us are not as severe as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and we can implement a few daily routines to help lift your spirits and get your off the Daylight Savings Mood Swing

Get up and Boogie…okay not actually
spinning dancerYou don’t need to go dancing or in this case spinning! As long as you do 30 minutes of exercise whether, at the gym or just a nice walk, the chemicals in the brain that are released during exercise are natural mood enhancers.

Eat Whole Foods and Cook at Home

Try to avoid fast food drive-thrus and put more real foods, instead of french fries try making an old-fashioned baked potato, you know the one, you wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the oven. Instead of cooking a frozen lasagna saute some eggplant in our Original Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil and towards the end add some baby grape tomatoes a little fresh basil and a sprinkle of cheese and serve over the top of an awesome organic salad.

Cooking at home you are more likely to use whole foods, you can play some music and light some candles and get a little relaxed. It’s much easier to eat clean when you cook food for yourself. Like Miriam says eat more good than bad. 70% Good 30% not so much

Start Drinking….water 🙂 Silly

Being dehydrated has been shown to cause irritability, fatigue …in general being a meany! So guzzle the water and if need be put little fresh cucumber slices or orange slices in your water with lemon slices. Looking for ways to add more water to your life. Here is a great article with tips and tricks to add a bit of H20 to your groove.

Last but not least throw a little light on the subject

Replace your bulbs at home with full spectrum lights, they mimic natural lighting. And it will help you see when you are eating your delicious eggplant you just whipped up with your favorite Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils….gotta have a plan!

Take good care,

Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh

P.S If you have a friend or family member that would be helped by this information please share it with them. We are a family owned Made in USA company and we thrive on your word of mouth referrals. Thank you for helping us spread the word 🙂

Here are two more ways we can help you.

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