Losing Weight for the Summer..Brain Fog and High Protein Diets. (Video)

Are you working like crazy to lose weight for the summer? Are you cutting sugar for a detox and cutting carbs for weight-loss. Are you at the gym for more hours than you are at the office. Do people see you at the gym so much they think you work there? I know lots of people lose weight for family reunions and high school reunions. So you suddenly are super motivated to lose weight. No more chocolate…unless… No…No more chocolate 🙂


Then a funny thing happens…. you suddenly realize you are feeling a brain fog not up to speed kinda feeling. Then your big toe starts to hurt and the topper….you smell like ammonia when you sweat…OMG…. you’ve turned into a cleaning product? Well put your mop and bucket down and lets get you some answers.

Miriam: I’m glad we are talking about this today. We often have different questions pop up at our classes and shows that we do. This was the first time I have had this question.

Kristi: Yes it’s very interesting. So many people are following so many types of protocols and diets. I often hear of diets that leave out entire food groups.

Miriam: I feel like moderation is the key. They say that about lots of things, but I truly feel that with your body and how it functions, it is very important to focus on moderation.

Kristi: I think for me it’s been a learning process of listening to my body and learning the signs, when something hurts is popping & cracking or is inflamed & swollen I don’t just write it off  to aging. Although that would be conveniently uncomfortable.

Miriam: I like the conversation that came up this weekend at a show. A customer was telling us about his high protein no carb diet he was doing for weightloss. He said it seemed to be working but that he didn’t really feel very good. He felt like his brain was in low gear and he was sluggish and tired he hated going to the gym and his arms and legs felt like they were wrapped in concrete! He had always heard about all this energy people got on the no carb and high protein diets, but it just didn’t make him feel very good.

Kristi: Since we have pictures of me up at the booth before I lost the 50lbs people tend to want to talk about weightloss with us. The customer said the weird thing was that he had noticed he smelled like ammonia when he sweats now and that had never happened before. He said he had started having some health issues so he wanted to get the weight off but now he smelled like a cleaning bucket!

Miriam: I’m glad we did a little research about it for this article. It’s really very amazing and most people don’t know it’s a danger sign.

Simply Put:

The first reason: When we eat high protein or more protein than our body can use and assimilate. The body has to get rid of it.  When protein is being digested it creates nitrogen, which is usually turned into urea and is passed out through the kidneys. If there is too much nitrogen in the system and the kidneys are overwhelmed and can not get rid of the nitrogen fast enough it will be excreted through your sweat, producing a smell of ammonia.

The second reason: If you are on a low carb or no carb diet and you are smelling like ammonia when you sweat. What is happening is, your body is breaking down your muscle and using the protein for it’s energy source (katabolic). The body loves to use carbohydrates for fuel for the brain and the entire body. When there is not enough complex carbohydrates in the body it will break down the muscle to feed itself. The nitrogen from the muscle breakdown is released through your sweat.

What has gout got to do with it? (Download the PDF)

When your body has too much uric acid and it can not process it out of your body. Usually it is processed through the bloodstream and into the urine. Uric acid is produced from the breaking down of Purines, purines are found in all your body tissue. The first signs of gout usually attack the big toe, red and inflamed and can last for 7-10 days.

Uric acid can also lead to painful crystal buildup in the joints (gout), lumps under the skin and crystal kidney stones.

Do you have gout and don’t know it? Here’s a short video to help you.

Since your body is not getting enough carbohydrates to feed it’s energy source, the brain included you can feel a sense of brain fog. Not being able to focus or concentrate, literally your brain is starved for energy.

What to do about it?

In the gout PDF above and in the video you will notice they recommend certain foods to avoid but their real focus is on medicating the problem with steroids and other meds.

Kristi: I have had a time when my big toe will start to hurt and for me that is a sign that I’m eating too much protein. It’s not gout in the strictest sense of all that it talks about in the video, but in the fact that it’s just tender and aches, but I don’t want it to get to that point. So I focus on going vegetarian for 3 days and wouldn’t ya know it…it goes away 🙂

Miriam: I also recommend in our cooking classes that people eat certain items to help with inflammation. For example pineapple, ginger, green leafy veggies, kale, collards and spinach for example.

Strawberries, blueberries (should be organic) cherries and oranges to name a few.

Our favorite food to fight inflammation is…..Olive Oil!!

Kristi: I have a drink I do every morning, Miriam started me on it at our restaurant years ago. It’s my green water and it’s awesome to cleanse your system and fight inflammation. I add a little bit of our Lime Canary Island Garlic Herb Olive Oil for a good fat as well.


This drink really gets your move on and it’s a nice way to re hydrate your body after sleeping all night and not getting any fluids in your system.

In this drink I was using the Organic Kale from Walmart but the Organic Kale from Aldi is really good too. Remember don’t put too much as you are not looking for a green smoothie you are loooking for a green water.

In this picture I had added a cucumber so it made it a bit thicker than usual.


So what have we learned?

When doing a gym workout or following a certain weightloss regime if your body starts giving you signals it is struggling, Don’t ignore the signs. Not all weightloss programs are a good fit for everybody. We are all unique individuals and we all have unique needs for our body. Hi protein may work for some and not for others, if you feel tired sluggish and sick then it may not be the best protocol for you.

Miriam: I feel like the best way to loose weight is to feed your body food that it doesn’t need to struggle to digest and use. Give your body a break and let it focus on healing your body, not on digesting artificial ingredients and heavy dense ingredients.

Kristi: Well it’s worked for me, and my toe doesn’t hurt anymore! 🙂 That’s whats so great about the protocol you came up with for me, it’s easy, delicious and I’ve lost weight and kept it off!

Thank you for spending time with us today and help us spread the word, life really can be delicious, easy and fun. If you have a friend who will benefit from this article, please share with them and your following.

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi


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