Weightloss..It’s Not Quality it’s Quantity..What the what??


Weightloss, Weightloss Journey, Weight Watchers, Fat Busters, Pilate, Yoga. Zumba… on and on it goes the “not so” Merry go round. Miriam and I are actually in the car right now as I write this. And no I’m not driving, Miriam is 🙂

I was working on our new Etsy site listening to my Ipod and Miriam had the radio on in “the car and she said, ” Oh my God you have to hear this public announcement.” So  I paused my Cher music and listened. Here’s the gist.

“When losing weight. Quality is Not important. It’s more important to focus on quantity.”

Miriam: Well that got my attention right away. Because that just sounds odd.

Kristi: I thought they were saying just lose a lot it doesn’t matter how, just lose a lot!

What they ended up saying, It’s Not the quality of the food you are eating, it’s the quantity of the food. So essentially they said, just cut back the quantity you eat and you lose weight.

Miriam: That makes sense on first inspection but it’s not a sustainable way to lose weight keep it off and get or stay healthy. Because I can just eat half a bag of cheetos and a double cheeseburger instead of a triple cheeseburger and a medium strawberry shake instead of the large.

Kristi: But really, at that point, I’m “trying” to lose weight…you know what they say, “trying is lying.” If I was still eating like that, and yes I did eat like that! I didn’t get up to 240lbs eating iceburg lettuce! I would still be struggling with my weight.

Miriam: The “secret equation” to eating anything you want and still losing weight like Kristi did, really is the

“Quality of food +prepared quickly+ Quantity divided= Permanent Weightloss”

Kristi: That really is the easiest way to explain it. I think we should write more about that next time. Maybe go a little deeper with that concept. What do you think.

Miriam: I would love that.

Kristi: Oh I almost forgot, Another way we can help you.

Our Etsy site has our first cookbook in digital form now. It focuses on the “prepared quickly with quality ingredients part of the equation.” You can grab your copy here to get you started.   www.vigoacuisine.etsy.com 

Well then till next time 🙂

Take good care,

Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh


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2 thoughts on “Weightloss..It’s Not Quality it’s Quantity..What the what??

  1. It’s amazing what advertisers and talk shows are willing to promote. Good health is one of the most under rated topics and taken for granted by a large percentage of the population. There is little education in schools emphasizing what “good health” is, let alone how to achieve and maintain it. In most cases its topic is only discussed when revenue can be generated from its content.

    While most people wish to stay focused on the costs of health care, the real answers come from learning to focus on personal health decisions.

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