St. Pete Beach  Florida Art and Craft Festival January 14-15.. Avocado Smoothie Recipe

This is such a fantastic week so far! I have had soup two times this week once a chicken soup something to crow about it was so good!

Then I had a homemade veggie soup with miso and buckwheat noodles with kale and squash and all sorts of fabulousness!

Of course we can’t miss the Luscious Avocado toast! February is when the California avocados are coming into season. They have great recipes on @CA_Avocados on Twitter.

Avocados are so cram packed with protein and potassium I don’t usually add any other protein powder to my smoothie. Usually the California Avocados Haas are the perfect size to pop 1/2 avocado in at a time.

What??? That’s the weirdest Avocado I’ve ever seen!!!!

Kristi: This is one of my favorite fruits and I use to never like them at all but I love them now!

Miriam: I know I think you ate the whole Dern thing didn’t you? Good thing my neighbors keep me supplied!

Kristi: ok I guess I should tell everybody what this picture of fruit is…

Miriam: by the way this fruit is excellent for digestion.

Kristi: yep so we have great tummy support awesome protein and fantastic potassium all in one smoothy… the fruit is….papaya!!!

1/2 cup almond milk

1 cup papaya

1/ avocado

Blend till smooth and add a dash of cinnamon.

Freakishly delicious and easy. I don’t add any sweetner although Miriam will occasionally suggest real maple for a sweet treat.

Till next time share with your friends and come by the show in st. Pete Beach this weekend we love to see you!

Miriam and Kristi



I love putting your Lime Canary island garlic herb olive oil in my smoothies and carrot juice in the morning. The fat from the olive oil sustains me and cuts down on how quickly my body absorbs the sugar in the juice. I love it! Jen (FL)   P.P.s 

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