Life’s a Bowl of Cherries 2017

It’s January 3 2017 and It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in Winter Haven Florida! I just finished my coffee on the porch with the “outdoor” cat. Miriam made some great black eyed pea soup today at the shop and I just finished a big steamy bowl. You know you have to have black eyed peas for the New Year!

Was your New Year celebration like Lucy and Ethel trying to wrap chocolates?

I feel like our whole year was kinda like that! Trying to keep up with what you already got going just to find out that they are gonna, “Speed it up” on ya. Well sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

Kristi: Laugh at yourself (and others) in a nice way of course!

Miriam: Yes that is what I love laughing and enjoying life, learning to go with the flow is half the battle. If we are always fighting what is happening we end up paddling up steam and I always remember. Nothing I want is upstream!

Kristi: Yes I remember when we were going to do the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and it seemed everything was getting bunched up and nothing was going right. The permits for the show got lost and the person we spoke to was gone and the booth was wrong. It seemed every way we turned it was not working out.

Miriam: That should have been a sign! We should have said that obviously we aren’t suppose to go. But nope we powered through… We ended up getting stranded in 24 inches of snow in Lake Tahoe on Donner’s Pass!

Kristi: Oh you forgot the part about you driving the truck and the trailer and….You had NEVER driven in snow!!!

Miriam: OMG! that was so crazy! Of course at the time Kristi says to me. “Miriam, have you ever heard of Donner’s Pass?” I said, “Sound familiar but not really sure. Why?” Kristi said in almost a whisper, “I’ll tell ya later.”

Kristi: Ha Ha Ha Ha! I remember that. Well for those of you that don’t know what Donner’s Pass is, you have to remember at this point Miriam is driving in the Mountains with piles of snow around us that are taller than the tree tops! We were forced off the road by the Highway Patrol because we didn’t have chains on the car and they were expecting another 24 inches of snow!

Miriam: Yes it was exciting! Well Kristi told me later, much much later. That Donner’s Pass is where the people in the covered wagon times had gotten stranded in the snow while crossing the mountains and were snowed in so long they turned into cannibals!

Kristi: Yeah it was exciting alright! Especially when you were going down the 30% downgrade of a slope and all the snow from the roof slid down over the windshield and everything went black!

Miriam: Yes that was a bit of a debacle. But makes a great story Now!

Kristi: Yes we will have to tell that story in another post! I think killing snakes was involved!

Miriam: Ha Ha yes my my. But we did learn quite a lesson there. If in life something you are working on just isn’t coming together and every decision and every circumstance isn’t allowing it to come together. Take it as a sign! Go with the flow, don’t get stuck in the snow!

Kristi: I agree I agree! Especially if you only have flip flops on, but that’s a story for another post! I know in my life I tend to get all wadded up like Lucy and Ethel and try to keep up with life and end up stuffing myself and my life with too much to do and too much to keep up with.

Miriam: I have really learned this past year that Everything is Always Working Out for Me! I don’t have to be in all places at all times tending to all the fires. I love a quote I hear from Abraham. “If you are always putting out fires in your life, stop running through the brush dragging a blow torch!”

Kristi: I love that! Keep it simple. Keep it low key. Go with the Flow.

Miriam: Yes I committed to myself that nothing was going to get me in a wad. I will float down stream and be easy about my life. Now that we don’t have the restaurant anymore I have more time to work on things that I want to work on and look forward to sharing more with you all in the up coming weeks and months.

Kristi: Yeah!!! I love when you share because I get to eat all your recipes you share!! WOO HOO!!  Yep so get ready for some good stuff coming your way and remember Life really is a bowl of cherries.

“Life is just a bowl of cherries, don’t take it serious, it’s mysterious. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love.” Bob Fosse

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi


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