Why wait?? The 2 second decision that changed my life. Love to see you in person…Check this out on Pinterest.

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Did you do it? Did you Finally do it? That little voice in your head that says, “I have got to change. I can’t go on like this.” Did you finally listen and give in and say. NO more trying, as a good friend says, “trying is lying”

Well did you do it? I did. I committed to myself that I will continue everyday going forward in my healthy living journey. One day at a time one moment at a time one step at a time.

It’s easy when you stay in the now. Not the past or the future. The now. What am I doing right now to further my healthy life plan?

Well I just walked a mile after lunch. I had black coffee instead of mocha and I cooked my breakfast in Canary island garlic herb olive oil.

If you have known us for any amount of time you know “The splash”. Our seasoned olive oil and you know I’ve lost 50 lbs and got off blood pressure medicine using our oils.

For me it was the easiest most “sane” weigh I have ever accomplished a weight loss goal in my life. Yes my entire life. Period!

It all begins with a decision. Someone asked my how long did it take you to lose 50lbs. I answered 35 years and 2 seconds.

Funny answer? Well not really. It took me 35 years of complaining and moaning about being fat and getting fatter and it took me 2 seconds to truly make the decision to lose the weight for good.

2 seconds to say. You can do this!

2 seconds to say . You deserve this!

2 seconds to say. This will be the Easiest thing you’ve ever done!

And it was! Join us today for the easy way to lose weight. “Don’t cook. Splash!”

Talk soon,

Leave us a comment what was your 2 second life change?

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