Soup Season is upon us Savory sips for supper.

Such a great way to end a day. I almost forgot to take the picture before I dove into this steaming bowl of lovliness. Can you see the bite out of the sweet potato?

Miriam made this today and shared a bowl with me and I have to say that if she wouldn’t have shared I probably would have been grumpy the rest of the day!

The flavors jumped out of the bowl there was sweet plantain and delicate acorn squash bits of chopped onions and tomatoes did the backstroke across a sea of olive oil drizzled, broth.

Canary Island Garlic Herb olive oil made the soup a huge Splash in my book. 

What are your favorite soups to snuggle up with in the winter?

I love root soups seems that they not only keep me warm but full as well. Being full is really one of the keys to weightloss I have been surprised to realize. 

Miriam added brown rice and Quinoa to the bottom of the bowl before serving. I also like to add some raw chopped greens and let them wilt. But no time for wilting today, I ate them and the greens had to go in the blender for a green drink.

Miriam: Ha ha I remember when we first started making green drinks at the restaurant  Debra, a dear customer turned friend, would call them Lawn in a Cup!

Kristi: Ha ha yep I remember the customers faces when you would parade through the cafe with a big glass of green drink perched on high. The customers faces couldn’t have looked more surprised if you had a squirrel sitting in the glass listening to his ipod.

Miriam: It did take quite awhile to get people to try it. But when they did they were hooked.

Kristi: I feel so great having it I miss it when I don’t have it.

Miriam: Well that’s when we are on the road we have to have Mobile green drink machine.

Kristi: If you guys are interested in Miriams soup recipe we can try to talk her out of it. 🙂 or I will just enjoy the rest of it myself and no sharing!

Kristi: oh I almost forgot to tell you we will be in The Villages this weekend Nov. 5-6 Huge Art and Craft Show.

We would love to see you all out there. Lots and lots of shopping and music and dancing usually, it is the Villages afterall.

Talk soon

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What’s your favorite soup? Leave us a comment 


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