Acid Reflux: Swallowing the Devil


Acid reflux can feel like a slight tingle or hot lava poured down your throat. Some people even lose quite a bit of weight because every time they eat they get reflux and so try not to eat.

Even our youngest most vulnerable are not immune to being prescribed acid suppressing drugs. There has been a 16 fold increase in Doctors prescribing to babies under 1.  Just like our wee little ones the best option is to find the cause and not just treat the effect.

In babies it is very common to spit up and cry and just be irritable. Like most of us, minus the spitting up part!

We like to say that “spit happens” in babies, says Esther Israel, MD, a pediatric gastroenterologist at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston. “Gastroesophageal reflux is not a disease in infants. It’s a normal physiological response that babies often outgrow.”

Dr. Israel, M.D suggests changing diet and physical surroundings to add soothing atmosphere to help baby relax. Often it is noted that the parents ask the Doctor to prescribe stronger and stronger reflux drugs for their babies. Which makes sense if the parent looks for relief in a pill, then why wouldn’t it work for baby as well.

Miriam: I use to have to pop an acid pills like they were candy. I had boxes everywhere, in the glove compartment, my house, at my lighting store at the restaurant. Everywhere I might have an acid attack I needed the security that I could find relief, so I was never without  an acid pill.

Kristi: I know I remember it was like a Pez dispenser. You were so miserable when it would hit. You changed your diet and absolutely turned your self around.

Miriam: I started following the Blood Type Diet and my life completely changed! For years I struggled with acid reflux and it was just gone. gone. gone.  I also put my mom on the same diet and hers was  GONE,GONE, GONE. Dr. Dadamo is the diet author you really should check this diet out.

We have Quick Fixes like drinking ginger tea or lowering your salt intake, getting rid of dairy, and all the whites,from your diet. Get off processed or prepackaged foods. Leave lunch meats at the Deli counter, much of the processing chemicals are linked to inflammation, painful gout as well as reflux caused from the stomach lining becoming inflammed.

Miriam: Along with those fixes implementing the Eat Right For your Type diet is the most effective long lasting acid reflux cure I have ever been fortunate to find.

Just as the solution suggestions for babies, change the food get off dairy or other processed items. Try to avoid taking a reflux pill because if the Devil is trying to climb his way back up your throat…maybe you should let him out. In other  words. If you are eating things to create the problem. Don’t eat them and the Devil will stay where he is.

In the Eat right for your blood type diet you will find foods that are healing like medicine to your body, foods that are just food to your body and foods that act like poison in your body.

This diet will help you avoid the poison foods and eat more beneficial foods that have the ability to turn your chronic sufferings around in no time at all. (no kidding two weeks.)

Take good care. Please share with your friends and family that may suffer with the Lake of Fire in their throats!

Talk soon,

Miriam and Kristi

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