Coconut Water Dangers for Summer Time


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Good evening it is a rainy summer afternoon here in Winter Haven Florida. We had a nice show this past weekend in St. Pete and will be doing a show in St. Armands Circle this coming week. We were talking this past weekend how easy it is to get dehydrated in the Summer time.

Often you see people carrying around water bottles or pretty jugs hanging off their backpacks or hip packs. When we do these shows outside you will always see lots and lots of people drinking soda or lemonade. Which although it quenches your thirst doesn’t really hydrate you with all the crazy soda chemicals in there.

What we have seen more and more of recently is the spike in Coconut Water. They have coconut water energizer drinks and coconut water now available cold in convenience stores. It is marketed as a healthier version of a cool refreshing drink. It still has sugar and most of the time it is made from dried powders and reconstituted with water and sugar.

Not to bum you out or anything but drinking excessive amounts of coconut water can be extremely dangerous. Now what is considered excessive? Well that depends on you how your body reacts to excessive amounts of potassium.

I was reading an article about a man who drank 8 bottles of Coconut Water over an 8 hour period while playing tennis outside. He ended up in the E.R. He was put on a pacemaker for his heart and his kidneys had gone into acute failure.

This is super serious. It is very easy to be hot and outside and I could see drinking 3 bottles very easily. Most people drink it because it will hydrate you but they don’t know it will also drop your blood pressure and make your heart spasm, where it flutters on the bottom but does not pump, this can lead to death if not treated.

The man did eventually recover and was taken off the pacemaker and his kidneys did recover as well. But how scary is that? I had no idea that a simple drink that you can buy pretty much anywhere could be that dangerous. We all kinda know if you drink several cans of Red Bull it’s gonna reek havoc but I never would have suspected Coconut Water.

So this Summer load up on Fruit Infused water (the kind you put fruit into water and add ice) Not the premade kind. If i want something fizzy Miriam and I started drinking a soda water that we squeeze Lemon or Tangerines into, it’s very refreshing and not gonna hospitalize you!

One of our Favorite smoothies is Fresh Mango with a wee bit of Almond Milk or Fresh Mamey, super duper refreshingly Delish!!

Talk soon and Take good Care,

Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh


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