The Power of Prayer and Weight Loss

Miriam: Hi Kristi it’s a bit rainy today in Winter Haven, but nothing better than a rainy afternoon for hot tea and writing. I’m having some hot green tea, what are you drinking?

Kristi: I am having a little Yerba Mate. I like the green variety instead of the smoked variety.

Miriam: I love Yerba Mate. Jennifer, a girl who helped us at the Cafe off and on over the years, introduced me to it. It’s not as strong as green tea as far as the flavor goes, but has really great antioxidant properties.

Here is the one I am drinking right now.

Kristi: I love that you can brew in the morning and then ice it later in the day and not really lose any flavor. It is also considered a Thermogenic. Meaning it helps with weightloss by heating you body up slightly to burn calories.

Miriam: It also has a bit of a kick to it as far as invigorating but not like caffeine. You don’t get the drop after drinking like you do with coffee sometimes.

Kristi   I am listening to the best music right now as we talk very soothing. Here is the link if you would like to listen. It’s the sound track from the movie The Reader, super duper good music for focusing.

Miriam:I will have to check that out.I love the title to today’s Blog. We have been talking a lot about the power of Prayer as of late. Prayer is the Universal Unify-er, it doesn’t matter your upbringing there is a stillness and a closeness when in Prayer that is accomplished at no other time.

Kristi: I know for me I feel like Prayer is a constant communion an ongoing conversation that elevates the mind and spirit. I know people might find it silly to equate Prayer and Weightloss but I really think it is an overlooked powerful tool to be used every day for our well being.

Miriam: I like that, a Constant Communion, it really is isn’t it. I know everyday I Pray for guidance in business matters and personal matters. I ask for Wisdom and Guidance and I am never disappointed. How does Prayer work for you in the weightloss arena?

Kristi: I feel that Prayer has helped in being more aware. Slowing down a moment to have a Conversation with God about getting healthy and changing habits. It’s that momentary Pause that Moment of silence to ask for assistance. Whether you are driving by a drive thru that has suddenly started screaming your name, or the BOGO donuts left in a big pile next to the fruit and veggie section.

Miriam: The calmness is what I hear you saying. That moment you pause to ask for Help or assistance or Guidance, gives you that breathing room to take the couple of steps to walk past the donuts or drive pass the drive thru.

Kristi: Yes. When you are in the throws of a “crazy come calling” food choice, it is that Pause for Prayer, that has carried me through. When I focus on what I do want, like health and well being and vibrancy and energy, it’s like everything I don’t want just falls away. It’s when I obsess on what I don’t want, that I get more of what I don’t want.

Miriam: I remember you would tell me no matter if you went to the gym every day and weighed every day you would gain weight. It was the fact you were so focused on what you didn’t want that you forgot to focus on what you did want.

Kristi: Yep. I needed a sign like we had at Cafe Latte to point me to the Good Things I wanted instead of constantly running from the “bad stuff”.

cafe latte delicious sign

Delicious Sign in front of our restaurant of 20 years, Cafe Latte Coffee House and Eatery in Winter Haven Florida.

You know that’s something I have changed in my thinking too. I don’t look at food as Bad stuff anymore. If I eat something I use to think of as Bad I would beat myself up about it till I was so down on myself I would just keep eating myself into oblivion.

Miriam: Yes it’s like the moment of pleasure from eating is consumed with the hours of hating yourself for doing it.

Kristi: Exactly. It’s a matter of not judging yourself or the food. That has been a Huge Blessing. Changing that mindset was a Game Changer.

Miriam: I am really proud of you. Not just because you reached a goal of losing the weight you have tried to lose your whole life, but because you feel good about yourself and are sharing your story with other to help them too.

Kristi: Thank you. It’s like Maya Angelou said, “Won’t give nothing for my journey now.”

Miriam/Kristi: Thank you for joining us today and spending some time with us. If you feel this has been of value please share with your friends and followers.

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi


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