American Diabetes Association Alert Day…It’s NOT Inevitable

juice bar veggies

Good Morning: It’s a beautiful day to be alive! We are getting into our week slowly after a big event in Mount Dora this past weekend. And now are getting ready for a Huge event in The Villages at Brownwood at the Paddock Square, this Saturday and Sunday March 26-27. We love going to the Villages and seeing everyone and selling our Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils. Hope to see you there.

Kristi: Miriam you were telling me yesterday that today is American Diabetes Association Alert Day, can you tell us a little about what that is?

Miriam:Good morning Kristi. Yes Diabetes is a disease that has crippling effects on Americans and more and more are being diagnosed every day. There is a test that is out that you can take on the computer and assess your risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Kristi: Yes I just saw that and took the test. I was surprised by some of the questions. I didn’t expect a couple of those questions to be in there. The other factors they link to Diabetes were very surprising.

Miriam: I know. I want to give everybody the link so they can head over there now and take the risk test. Getting Diabetes is Not inevitable. We talk to ten’s of thousands of people a year and hear it so often that their entire family seemed to develop Diabetes and they probably will too. That’s Not the way it has to be. You can prevent and reverse Diabetes.

Miriam: Here is the link for the Diabetes Alert Day Risk Test, it takes 1 minute to do an can really give you a wake up call.

Kristi:If you feel like it’s a struggle to eat without loads of sugar and you have a hard time finding things that aren’t crammed full of salt and sugar. We can help give you flavor that you crave without all the junk. Our seasoned olive oils are chuck full of flavor but have no sugar, no carbs and no sugar alcohol. Only 15mg of sodium per serving is almost considered sodium free (10mg is sodium free).

We are proud to be an American Diabetes Approved Vendor for our Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils. If you would like to order our Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oils you can click here to go to our site and order now.

Take good care,

Miriam and Kristi

p.s If you would rather order by phone you can call Miriam directly at 18632897263


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