Women’s Health Mag Quickest & Easiest Way to “Clean up” your Diet


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Kristi: Good morning to you Miriam. Is it beautiful today or what?

Miriam: It really is fabulous, we had such a good time in Lakeland at the Art and Craft show this past weekend. It was nice seeing so many of our customers from Cafe Latte. Since we retired from the cafe in 2015 we have really missed all our customers. We have traveled the Country so much that it really is nice being closer to home.

Kristi: I couldn’t agree more. Traveling really is a full time job for us. But all the travelling has really increased our awareness of the chemicals and crazy making ingredients out there in the food. We led such a sheltered life having the restaurant for 20 years we kept tight control of the “no foods” in our food.

Miriam: I remember the first time a company came to the cafe and sold us a frozen drink mixture. We tasted it it tasted good and we asked for the ingredient list, there was literally hardly any real food ingredients in the list. That was the beginning, you started making your own recipe for frozen mochas, and everybody went crazy!

Kristi: That was eye opening to realize all the foods that are sold to restaurants have boat loads of chemicals and are highly processed to the point they never contain only food.

  • Just like Boars Head Turkey has less protein than real turkey.                                                      It’s because they put so many fillers in the turkey slices that there is less meat!


Miriam: There is a great article by Women’s Health Mag about “Ultra Processed” foods. The definition they give for ultra processed foods is amazing.

Definition: “industrial formulations which, besides salt, sugar, oils, and fats, include substances not used in culinary preparations.”

“So, you know, the multi-syllabic crap in the ingredient list that even your high-school chem teacher would have trouble pronouncing.)”.

The article goes on to state that 21% of the calories from these ultra processed food are from sugar. Which has been linked to Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and Stroke.

You can read the entire article on Women’s Health Mag.

Kristi: It goes on to point out the reason we eat these things is out of convenience. I would agree on one end but not on the other. I think that convenience starts it and the chemical cravings stoke the fire. That is why MSG is found so many times in processed foods, it makes you crave it and also shuts down the parts of the brain that tell you that you are satiated.

Kristi: So many times it’s easy for us to be on the road and get overly hungry and stop by a convenience store for a snack. Yes they do have bananas and apples but usually as soon as you see the donuts right in front of the door chips and candy bars, the apple looses it’s sex appeal.

Miriam: It has helped so much for us to do our snack packs when we are on the road. Instead of being tempted by the convenience of the “convenience foods” we keep a stash of goodness in the car for emergencies. Just because we travel a lot doesn’t mean that you going back and forth to work or school or to get the kids, wouldn’t benefit from snack packs.

3 Quick and Easy Tips to Eat a Little Healthier

  • KISS Method of Eating: We have all heard the KISS method. Keep it simple sweety. That’s the best of all. If you want a meatloaf sandwich for lunch, make the meatloaf at home using actual meat, eggs and crackers. A splash of Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil makes it delish and moist. Cooking at home for dinner and using leftovers during the week for lunch really will make your life easier. Meatloaf not your thing, pop a roast in the crockpot and cook overnight. Boom you got lunch for work and dinner when you get home. The more you prepare your own foods the more control over chemicals you have. Because as far as I know, no one at home puts potassium chloride into their crockpot!


  • ONE is Not the Loneliest Number: When you think of grabbing a little nibble look to single ingredients foods. Like peanuts and raisins, almonds and an apple, celery and almond butter. How about avocado on a rye cracker. They do actually have crackers that just have rye, salt and water. We love the Wasa Crackers read the label and you will love that it’s actually food in them. These  crackers are found at most grocery stores usually in the specialty cracker section, NOT usually near triskets.

You can check out the Wasa Crackers at their website:

  • Don’t judge a book or a bag by it’s cover: Just because something says it’s Healthy or Low Fat on the front, flip it over and read the ingredients. The facts on the front campaign recently implemented by major food manufacturers, distracts you from checking out the ingredients and just posting the calories, fat, sodium and vitamins. The problem is that you still need to check serving sizes and ingredients.

Miriam: If there is a high percentage of potassium in the food they are probably using potassium chloride to make it saltier but potassium chloride is used in Lethal Injection.

Miriam: Lets keep it simple you know life is so complicated as it is, it shouldn’t stress you out to feed yourself and your family. It really is easy to take control of your food, much easier than it is portrayed on t.v. Most of the chef shows have so many steps and ingredients or they use prepackaged stuff it ends up being too complicated and time consuming or not even close to healthy.

Kristi: I’m thinking that a block of velveeta cheese and rotel canned diced tomatoes mixed over potatoes might be easy but probably not too healthy.

Kristi: I like the system you came up with Miriam. Eat at home during the week and treat yourself on the weekend. That means eat out or grab a treat an ice cream shop or other favorite place. If you use treats as treats outside the house it’s much more of an effort to eat unhealthy. It’s about making healthy food easier and unhealthy food more work.

Thank you for spending time with us and please share if you feel this has been of benefit to you.

Take good care,

Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh

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