6 Secrets to Avoid the dreaded disease..Dragonass

Cafe latte front door

Cafe Latte Coffee House and Eatery home of Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil. two stoplights from Legoland Winter Haven Florida,                        www.vigoacuisine.com  

Kristi: Yesterday we talked about foods that fight inflammation. Inflammation can really put a kabosh on your daily activities…like getting out of bed easily or getting your rings off! I know when I got up and my eyes were so puffy it looked like I went 10 rounds with a drunken octopus, all I wanted to do was go back to bed..or maybe under the bed!

Miriam: I know it is especially hard to keep your energy up now days that everyone is so busy and rushing everywhere. I like to get up super early just to avoid the crowds and keep my stress levels down. Keeping your cortisol level down, a chemical that is released in your body when you are stressed, will help fight exhaustion and inflammation.

Kristi: So true with the stress deal. When we had the restaurant, 20 years of cortisol for me! I always was working on building up my energy levels, even going to bed early and taking naps isn’t enough. You really have to have a routine for energy production.

Miriam: People were always amazed at all the shows and classes and restaurant and dinner parties we would do and still have energy. It really is a secret system.

Kristi: Our secrets to avoiding the dreaded disease..Dragon Ass!

  • I like to move it move it…It’s important to take a little time to get moving either you walk or jog or stretch or yoga. Everyday you need to get your move on. No and going grocery shopping doesn’t count!
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine…  Take a few minutes each day to watch youtube funny clips. I love Carol Burnett or Tim Conway. American’s Funniest Videos are eye tearing funny. It helps you breath deeper and release a little stress and you can always forward it to a friend and share in the good feelings.
  • Focus on Fun as a Reward… Have something you look forward to doing later in the day so that the work is done with a fun goal as a reward for getting your goodies done. I always loved to go play with my cat Herschal (that’s short for Sebastian) he loved to go for walks and play in the yard.
  • Take a breather… This is a good one to do throughout the day. I know I feel so revived after taking a coffee break outside on the porch or just going outside and stretching in the sun. It’s so good to go out and look around at the beautiful world and take a moment to appreciate your life and your family and your health.
  • Drink lots of water… When we had the cafe it was so easy to go hours at a time without drinking anything and then you suddenly think your hungry and you grab a handful of something only to realize you were actually thirsty. We dehydrate so easily our bodies are 60% water, according to Mayo Clinic. Drinking water will increase the amount of blood in your body giving you more oxygen to your cells.
  • Get off the Phone!! Did you hear that when you were growing up? I know I sure heard that a lot at night when I was suppose to be asleep jibber jabbering on the phone. Well it’s good advice even today, even though it’s not my Dad saying it. Pick a time at night that you get off the phone. No emails no games no texting. Put it away and enjoy time with yourself or your family. Refresh with an old fashioned book or movie.

Miriam:These tricks really do make you more energetic and aware of your time. It is invigorating to pause in your day and have a moment of appreciation for all that God has provided for all of us. It’s in the appreciating of life that makes it sweeter.

Kristi: That is beautiful. I know for me to start my morning in appreciation for all that we have been blessed to experience and all the opportunities we have to rise to the challenge of every day life. Every experience is a treasure trove of knowledge we either are blessed to have shared with us from our customers and friends or that we can pass on our treasure to you.

Thank you for spending some time with us. If this has been of benefit to you please follow our blog and share with your friends and family.

Take good care.

Miriam and Kristi







4 thoughts on “6 Secrets to Avoid the dreaded disease..Dragonass

  1. I just read your blog…boy have I missed you guys. You are truly an uplift for me. I have really been down and out this season. But you are bringing me back to life. Thank you so much. Brenda

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  2. Love everything you all share here, very inspiring, and I feel like we are all just sitting around chatting with each other in the way you post them Feels so warm and welcoming. Love you all and everything your doing. Michelle (Lady bug)

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