Anti-inflammatory foods for your brain


Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil, Hot Splsh

Yesterday we talked about inflammation and the destructive effects it has on the brain as well as your total body. Today is a quickie of foods that fight inflammation. Of course this is a short list of foods that can be easily incorporated into your morning smoothie, salad or snack pack for the afternoon.

  • Tomatoes- easy snack to slice heirloom tomatoes and top with hummus and pumpkin seeds drizzle the Hot Splash on top. Take to work in a tupperware container and and slice and nibble on break.
  • Olive Oil- well you already used our Hot olive oil on the above snack so boom pow we got ya covered.
  • Green leafy veggies- spinach, kale and collards. Collards are easy to juice, but remember to juice just the stems and saute the greens. Kale if it’s in the baby form along with the spinach is an excellent green for your morning smoothie. Neither one will add a noticeable taste but it will help stabilize blood sugar
  • ****There is a component of the spinach that helps with weightloss.***
  • Nuts- Almonds and walnuts are an easy snack to mix with a bit of raisins in a small snack size ziploc and stash in your briefcase or purse and backpack for those sneeky snack attacks. We are never without our bags of nut mix, always helps.
  • Salmon- Or other fatty fish like mackerel and tuna or sardines. I gotta say that sardines are the easiest item to throw on a salad. Cold salmon is fantastic mixed into chopped up veggies like peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled with Lime Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil add a splash of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. The health benefits of the Salmon and the Vinegar are excellent. Check the Bragg’s site out here

Incorporate these foods into your diet not only will you feel better and get rid of some of the bloat but you will be full and satisfied.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with us, please share with your friends and family if you feel it would be of service to them.

Stay well,

Miriam and Kristi

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