Fake olive oil?..Don’t make me unleash the monkeys


A special on 60 minutes focused on Olive Oil that had been mixed with other oils and sold as Extra Virgin olive oil…Whaaaat?
This is nothing new.
Hard to believe I know. Can you imagine a manufacturer intentionally misleading the public?

Well let me see? How about low fat grilled chicken from McDonald’s that is pumped full of Chemicals and salt..but grilled is better right?

Or baked lays potato chips..full of processed chemicals and weird “can’t pronounce those without a chemist reading over your shoulder” kind of words.
Or Canola oil being good for cooking and promoted by celebrity chefs as a healthier way to fry.

Canola, cottonseed and soybean oil are horrific for your health causing inflammation and reading havoc on your heart. They Andre also so processed they don’t contain any food anymore, that’s why you can “fry” at high heat.
Even though those oils should be avoided like a sharp poke in the eye. You will still find them in “healthy” salad dressings. And loads of other items promoted to our kids.
And while we are on a rant. While everyone is trying their derndest to eat healthier, as Applebee’s “A little Healthier” menu options points out.

Isn’t it like putting pink high heels on a pig. They match but they don’t quite make the outfit!

Manufacturers like Boars head meats intentionally talk about leaving out all the bad stuff and you would think MSG and preservatives and high salt would be part of that…not so much. 

There Is nothing new under the sun. As long as big manufacturers can add chemicals, salt and msg and other non food items to their food, they will.

We speak to thousands of people a year and more and more people are realizing…

Healthy food isn’t expensive it’s that the chemical “feed” that manufacturers are slopping to the American people is so cheap.

What is our Salvation?
Buy Tiny. What do we mean by that? Don’t buy a lot at a time? Not really. We mean buy from tiny companys.

Small companies do a better job of using quality pure ingredients just because they are usually still run on passion from the owners. A passion to help create a quality long term relationship with their customers.

We are a tiny company,
http://www.vigoacuisine.com we were featured in Mira and Dr. Jayson Calton’s book: Rich Food Poor Food. They found after years of research it’s the small companies that are creating quality real food options.

Recently at a large show in Wisconsin a woman bought our seasoned olive oils and asked if we use only Extra virgin olive oil. We guaranteed her that we only use extra virgin olive and have it tested for every batch. She said, “This is when I am to inform you that I am with consumer reports and we will be testing it.” I said, “Yeahhhh”.  And I clapped my hands.
She said, “You are the first person that has ever been excited about that!.”
I said, “Because we are the real deal.”

So on a happy note. Definately Buy Local but let’s also Buy Tiny!
Talk soon,
Miriam amd Kristi
Pop by the Florida State Fair at the Tampa Fairgrounds, you can taste our seasoned olive oils and sample some appetizers. The Fair is Feb. 4-15
We are in the Expo Hall Booth 909.
If you have family and friends that would find this article helpful please share with them.

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