Clean Eating Now you don’t have to squirrel around with your acorn squash


Acorn squash with Canary Island Garlic and herb olive oil from

I laughed when I first saw Miriam do this, but then I tasted it and boy howdy. I was so busy filling my bowl, I wasn’t laughing anymore.

Easy acorn squash that you don’t have to heat up your oven to be able to enjoy!

Miriam/Kristi: Hi everybody. So glad you could join us today.

Kristi: I love love love acorn squash and it has always been a drama trauma to peel the Dern things. To the point I would just fall back and use butternut squash. Easier to peel.

Miriam: Well we all know what it’s like to need fast easy and delish in a blink of the eye. When I first did this you were so resistant until you tasted it.

Kristi: I was so busy pushing you out of the way to get more, I know I ate my serving and yours!!

Miriam: This was a recipe I whipped up one day at the office, the funny thing was Kristi was looking at the Clean Eating magazine and found a recipe for acorn squash and the recipe took 1 hour 30 minutes!

Kristi: I was shocked. It’s because everybody always bakes their acorn squash your secret method could revolutionize acorn squash eating forever!!!


Acorn squash is full of vitamins A, B6 and C. Perfect for cold winter nights!

Miriam: That’s awesome veggies and vitamins without a mess.This technique we are sharing sure makes life easier, no baking dish, no oven heated up, no extra pans to clean…Well I guess that is revolutionary 🙂

Kristi: Half the battle of cooking isn’t cooking. It’s prepping and cleaning. At the restaurant we always told our customers that we had kitchen fairies that prepped and cleaned our kitchen!

Miriam: We talk to thousands of people a year and most of them say they are too exhausted to cook when they get home. They eat out or take out.
The miraculous change I have seen in you, Kristi, is your total transformation from bone dragging tired to revving on high all day. No espresso needed.

Kristi: I really have changed. I could fall asleep standing up. Forget it. If there was a power surge and the lights went out…forget it I was out too. Losing 75 lbs has just been the..well..icing on the cake!

Miriam: It’s been over a year now I think everybody is getting fidgety to find out how you did it. We need to get the book out there. But one thing at a time.

Kristi: yes. We will announce it when the book is available. It’s so crazy that a 40 some year battle with my weight has so easily been won. Anyway more on that later. Let’s get the acorn squash recipe out to everybody.

Miriam: This is squirrelly it’s so easy. Huge time saver it’s okay you are tuckered out at the end of the day because this recipe almost cooks itself.

Kristi:  It won’t wash the dishes for you but..I think you burn calories when you do dishes!

Acorn squash in 20 minutes!
1 rice cooker
Brown rice
Organic baby spinach
Canary island garlic and herb olive oil “lime splash”
Grass-fed Beef
3 garlic cloves
1 acorn squash

A.) Put brown rice in cooker and add water per instructions. Garlic cloves to water and 2 T of Canary island Lime splash.
B.) Cut acorn squash into slices, Do Not Peel. Lay on top in steamer tray and turn rice cooker on. The rice and the squash will be done in 20 minutes!
C.) 2 T of Canary island olive oil Hot splash to pan and cook your grass-fed  burgers to your desired doneness.
Place baby spinach in plate drizzle with splash amd apple cider vinegar if you like. One scoop of brown rice on top place burger and squash on top.
This picture has a bit of #celticseasalt ground on top.

#tinytipoftheday #healthtips

Brown rice gives you twice the iron of white rice. Iron transports oxygen in the blood to keep you energized.

Kristi: I have to say this is my new favorite way of eating acorn squash. Also it’s nice because most acorn squash prepared this way, you can eat the skin as well. Shoo no waste, no muss no fuss! Who wouldn’t want that!

Miriam/Kristi: Take care tremendously!

If you would like even more easy peas recipes time saving mind blowing tiny tips of the day. Head over to our website and sign up for recipes.

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