The $68.00 Watermelon debacle. Recipe steak #tipoftheday


Beef and beans great protein to help you sleep soundly.

Miriam: Hey Kristi I thought you were telling a story. Why do you have a picture of beans and beef up here?

Kristi: First of all because that’s what I’m having for dinner! Second, it is a perfect way to settle in for the night and have a restful sleep.

Miriam: Where’s mine?
Kristi: I ate it!

Miriam: Before you get to the watermelon story. I want to share how fantastic beans and steak together are for health.

Beans and steak are powerful proteins that provide essential amino acids to build muscles and rebuild cells. The fiber in the beans helps keep you full as well as the greens and just a bit of brown rice.

Kristi: This is a perfect go to calm me down after a busy day and keep my anxiety in check. The protein is slow digesting and helps keep away the snack attacks. Like we talked about yesterday. What you eat at night can flair your anxiety inferno or cool you off like a cucumber. Here’s the recipe

#healthyrecipes #leftoverrecipes
3-6oz of cut up steak
2 T of leftover pinto beans from soup
2 T of cooked brown rice
1/4 onion
10 fresh green beans cut up
2 T of Canary Island Garlic herb olive oil
1 handful organic baby arugula
A.) Add Canary island olive oil to pan and saute onions and green beans 3 minutes medium heat.
B.) Add leftover steak, beans, rice to pan and heat till hot 2 minutes.
C.) Put handful of greens in a bowl and put hot steak and beans on top. Drizzle with a bit more Canary island garlic and herb olive oil.  Serve to roars of delight!

Miriam:Great now I’m hungry!

Kristi: What? I can’t hear you I’m chewing!

Kristi: So I wanted to tell you about my 68.00 Watermelon debacle.

Miriam: This is gonna be good. I’m gonna like this!

Kristi: Welll I was looking through my pictures on my phone and saw the picture of you with the Great Pumpkin.


Giant pumpkin in Ohio on tour 2015

It reminded me. I was shopping and saw a massive watermelon I mean like it needed it’s own aisle. So of course I had to have it. I leaned over almost landing on my head trying to dig it out of the cavernous box.
Grunting and puffing and wrangling like it was a greased pig contest.
I finally got it out of the box and into the cart. Of course it was so huge the cashier said, “No No don’t put it up here!”
I lovingly rolled it through the parking lot and hoisted this bundle of crisp juicy goodness into the front seat. I had to put her in the seat and the groceries on the floor. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift her off the floorboard!
She was so ginormous that I put her seat belt on her because if I stopped short she would set off the airbag!
Well I creeped into my driveway holding her like a little kid when I stopped the car.
I unsnapped her and carried her to the door only then realizing I hadn’t unlocked it so back to the car she went till I unlocked the door!
Finally in the safety of my home I carried her to the fridge to tuck her inside only to discover she was so big she didn’t fit on the bottom shelf!
I was in the middle of wrestling her back out of the fridge when I threw my back out!
Miriam: Oh for gosh sakes!

Kristi:  I had to go the chiropractor. It cost me 68.00 to go to the chiropractor! He said he had heard of tennis elbow, but never heard of watermelon back!

Miriam: So the moral of the story is if a little is good, a whole lot might NOT be better?

Kristi: Well what I learned was…lift with your knees!

Miriam/Kristi: Ha ha Thanks for joining us for #tinytipoftheday we love comments and questions. Talk soon!
When you need some more Canary Island Olive Oil you can hit the site here.
We travel the country doing shows we hope to meet you in person one day soon. Take care 🙂


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