Is your nightly ritual Exploding your head with anxiety?


Night time rituals can make ya crazy or calm.

Miriam/ Kristi: Good morning everybody! We hope you slept well. Yesterday we were talking about anxiety and some #tinytipoftheday for getting some relief. Well what if your relief seeking is actually like throwing gas on a fire! Boom baby Boom!

Kristi: After a long crazy day with work or kids or groups or meetings or or..
You want to come home and take the edge off. Nice glass of wine should do it.

Miriam: The only problem with a glass of wine is its a depressant so it can make anxiety worse. So opt out of the wine and try.

Hot tisane with fresh lemon grass. You can buy the lemon grass fresh in the produce section and you slightly crush it and add  it to already boiled water soak 5 minutes stir and drink.
Fresh as a lettuce!

Kristi: That is such a better way to end the day. I had a nightly routine that was making me cray cray. I actually got so anxious I would lock my bedroom door because I had horrible thoughts.

Miriam: You and Herschal had some exciting evenings.

Kristi: For those that are new. Herschal is short for Sebastian, my cat. Yeah we had some exciting times. My tennitus also was horrific because of my nightly ritual that now I thought I heard things but the ringing was so loud I wasn’t sure!

Miriam: so tell us what it was that you used to comfort yourself that exploded your anxiety and made your tennitus ring like bells on Sunday morning!

Kristi: Every night I ate ice cream. Quite a bit of ice cream to be truthful. The dairy make tennitus worse. And the sugar will send you over the edge faster than a greased watermelon going down a slide!

Miriam: Also it affects your hearing. I always new you were having some kind of dairy because you couldn’t hear the next day at the restaurant.

Kristi: oh yeah to make it worse I would have fast food pizzas too. Of course all that stuff is packed with chemicals as well. So much better to have a healthy pizza made at home than the bag o’ chemicals from the local pizza joint.
@thefoodbabe does great work exposing all the crazy stuff. You can check out her website here.

She exposed the fact that most pizza places use predone ingredients that have a bunch of chemicals.

Miriam: So much better to make a 5 minute pizza at home. Shoot that’s faster than the drive thru!!



Flat bread pizza topped with @canaryislandoliveoil from

#easyrecipes #pizzarecipes
1 Flatbread
1 T of goat cheese
1 handful of #organicarugula
1/4 zucchini sliced thin
1 sprinkle of red cabbage
1 sprinkle of diced onions
Thin sliced fresh mozzarella
1/2 Roma tomato diced
Sprinkle of green olives
Splash of Original Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil
Toast in toaster oven 5 minutes 350 or until cheese melts.

Miriam/Kristi: So to recap. Alcohol and sugar make your anxiety explode! And dairy makes your tennitus ring like the bells at Notre Dam!

Kristi: That’s for sure. Tomorrow we will tell you foods that calm anxiety. Yes we have to tell them the catering story. That’s a good one. Talk about being fast on your feet.
Talk tomorrow
Miriam and Kristi
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2 thoughts on “Is your nightly ritual Exploding your head with anxiety?

  1. Hey girls, its me, Michelle Astello AKA Ladybug. I love this blog and tips, I do want to get on the email list but no sure if this is where to do so. If so my email is rivergirl441@verizon,net.
    Thank for sharing all your fun tips and stories, high light of the day for sure.

    Take care and as always, health be with you, Michelle

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