I won’t nibble but I will Bite!

Heeeere’s Johnny!!! The crazy is coming. The crazy is coming!

Kristi: If you are like me, I feel the anxiety creeping up on me like a big footed burglar walking on broken glass!
You know it’s coming, you can feel it, hear it. And smell it’s hot dorito scented breath curling around the back of your neck!  All you want to do is put on your flannel Winne the Pooh jammies and curl up on the couch with your favorite fuzzy blanket.

Miriam: That is so true. Anxiety is paralyzing. The devastating thing about anxiety, there seems to be NO rhyme or reason to its sudden arrival. Out of nowhere heart palpitations, hot or cold sweats, hot flush, confusion and disorientation.

Kristi: I have struggled with anxiety since college and can testify to its realness. It doesn’t matter how many times someone says, “relax”, it ain’t gonna happen.

Miriam: #tinytipoftheday Anxiety has been linked to dehydration. So when you start to feel the “big footed burglar” crunching up behind you….grab a big glass of water.

Kristi: Perfect. You know what I see a lot of people, kids, adults and older adults  drinking? Gatorade or powerade. Or some other fluorescent, green blue or pink drink, for dehydration. This is  “big bad news” if you have anxiety.
Artificial colors and food dyes like red blue yellow that All these drinks have, is associated with not only anxiety but ADHD in adults and children.


Slice healthy strawberries in water for a fresh hydrating drink. http://www.vigoacuisine.com Easy recipes

Miriam: if you want hydration drink reverse osmosis water with a squeeze of lemon or some cut up cucumbers floating in the water.  Fresh sliced strawberries are also delicious. That way you are not adding to the anxiety with the chemicals, and we aren’t even talking about the fake sugar and high fructose corn syrup packed into those drinks and other snacks.

Kristi: I know for me giving up the sodas and crazy colored drinks helped tremendously.  We all know those crazy kid cereals and snacks like blue yogurt!
I always seemed to have the worse anxiety at night. All the creepy crawlers, noises and imagining all things ugly! I had a bedtime ritual that I know for a fact thousands of Americans practice before bed. This ritual actually made my anxiety shoot through the roof like a bad lid on a pressure cooker. Kaboom!

Miriam: Join us tomorrow when we share more ways to whip anxiety. The bedtime ritual that unclenches the strangle hold anxiety has on your throat. You will be Shocked how effective it is when you STOP doing it!

Kriati/Miriam: We will talk tomorrow. If you love someone who has anxiety or have a  friend who suffers please share.
Take care and see you tomorrow,
Miriam amd Kristi
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