Orange juice sits on shelf a year before hitting grocery store customers


Miriam:  This should be a picture for “Throwback Thursday”! Remember when this was the only way we made OJ. Okay probably not everybody remembers these.

Kristi: I remember how delicious it was when we had OJ like that. But I think most of the time we had the kind in the frozen tube. Add water get sugar shock!

Miriam: I was shocked to read recently that most OJ in the stores can sit in holding tanks for up to a year before it is bottled and sold.

Kristi:  That is crazy! So much for Fresh from Florida. When we were talking about how the storage was. You had mentioned that they actually have to flavor and “perfume the OJ. What’s that all about?

Miriam:  Well the OJ is stored in million gallon tanks for up to a year. Well we all know fresh juice only keeps a few days. So they take all the oxygen out and seal the tanks. When they remove oxygen it also removes all the flavor chemicals. When they get ready to sell it they hire perfume companies, yes actual perfume. These companies make flavor chemical packs to give every bottle the same taste.

Kristi:  Yeah now you mention it.  We all know that all oranges taste different. That’s why they taste the same in the bottle they are chemically engineered to taste that way.

Miriam: Also a lot of people are not aware that when they see Omega rich on OJ it’s because the companies are now adding fish oil. Which is not a good idea for people allergic to fish. Who would suspect fish oil in the orange juice.

Kristi: No wonder the incidents of allergic reactions has skyrocketed in the last years.
Well I think it’s safe to say when you want a nice big glass of refreshing fresh squeezed Orange Juice. Roll up your sleeves and get the juicer out.
I bet you will drink it slower and enjoy it longer if you squeeze it yourself!

Miriam: Noooo. I would enjoy it longer and it would be more delicious if you squeezed a glass for me!!!!

Miriam/Kristi:  ha ha ha ha

See you soon.
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