Avocado a day takes the crazy away


Miriam: Now that is the most perfect avocado I have seen in a long time. Seems like so many of the avocados are all seed and no substance.

Kristi: I’ve known people like that!
Miriam/Kristi: ha ha ha

Miriam: Let’s tell them about your 30 lb weightloss. Avocados were involved.

Kristi: You know we haven’t shared your avocado recipe either. I know it sounds backwards. That eating fat helps you lose fat. But there is a little more behind the magic of the avocado. And your recipe just makes it stellar.

Miriam: Well you all know we talk to thousands of people a year. So many people are trying or have tried every diet known to man and some are just crazy. Remember the cabbage soup diet?

Kristi: oooh. I tried that. Once… I did herbalife, slimfast, gyms, O.A. But we will save that for another time. We get into that in our second book.

Miriam: It’s a great name for a book. So true it’s called. “There’s No Food in Your Food: Should you strip paint with it or feed it to your children?

Kristi: Yes. I like to say that is the book that was the ” spark that started the Fat burning Inferno!”
Back to the avocado.

The great thing about the avocado is it really helps you feel satiated. If you are losing weight half the battle is not feeling so hungry and angry that you will snatch somebody baldheaded!

Miriam:We can all relate to that! You always call that “crazy making.”  Feeling satisfied after a big leafy green salad with fresh veggies and some grilled chicken or steak with andvocado sounds like a dream, not a diet.

Kristi: Avocado helps you absorb the vitamins (carotenoids) from your other foods like peppers, tomatoes and greens. The fat and fiber help with inflammation which can help arthritis and heart health.

Miriam: Also inflammation and diabetes are related as well as triglycerides (fat in the blood) is an indicator of diabetes. Avocados help reduce insulin secretion and can help regulate blood sugar.

Kristi: The pulp closest to the skin has the most nutrients so if peeling the avocado with a knife don’t cut deep into the skin.

Miriam: My favorite way to eat it is to cut in half and twist to separate the sides. Grab a spoon and eat right out of the bowl (the skin) and scrape it clean.

A good avocado is easy to pick get one slightly hard and take home wait 2 days and when you press it with your thumb gently it should give slightly. You are in business.
Always keep the pit in if you can’t eat the whole thing and refrigerate in glass to keep fresh. A spritz of Braggs apple cider vinegar helps keep it from browning.

Kristi: I love your recipe Miriam. Chop avocado up sprinkle with the original Canary Island Garlic and Herb olive Oil a dash of braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and a sprinkle of Celtic Sea salt.
Love it!!

Miriam: I’m hungry. Let’s grab an avocado from that tree next to the office.
Kristi: Too late I already grabbed it’s ripening on the counter right now. I’ll race ya!! 1..2..goooo.

Thanks for joining us we will talk soon. If you know someone who would enjoy the info please share.
Bye bye!!!

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