Holiday Easy Soup 20 minute recipe


Red lentil stew with Vigoa olive oil

This easy red lentil amd veggie soup/stew is great during the Holiday rush.
You can make it in a rice cooker and in 20 minutes a fantastic meal with a little brown rice or Quinoa on the bottom served with an organic salad.
Remember when making soup leave 2 inches from top so the water has room to boil.
I didn’t measure anything for this recipe.
I used 2 small carrots 2 cups’ish of red lentils. 1/4 onion chopped 3 T of Canary island garlic and herb olive oil. Filled till 2 inches from top.
Set timer. Or 20 minutes turn off and throw a handful of arugula on top to wilt and sprinkle a little Celtic Sea salt on top good to goo!!!
Did you know our seasoned olive oils are now sold in Whole Foods Markets through Florida? We are part of the Small farmers program
They usually have us listed under Vigoa Olive Oil.
Thanks and till next time! Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then Always be a Unicorn!


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