Post office Hiss Fit, the cat and seeing life through a new pair of glasses.

Miriam and I are sitting in a Panera in Georgia today and listening to music, reading books and drinking coffee.
How good can this day get!!

We have been on this tour for many months and are winding our way back to Florida, via Ohio!

This a.m Miriam is visiting with a woman that works here while she is on her 15 minute break. Another woman sitting near by, makes a phone call to the doctor’s office about her appointment. An employee at the next table takes a five minute, “rest your head in your hands and pretend to be awake” nap.
It’s chilly outside, 65, Miriam and I think it will probably snow. I have on 2 shirts and a sweater, Miriam has on a wool sweater, and flip flops, she’s from Florida, after all.

The woman who was taking a “pretend to be awake nap” has rejoined the living, she is reassuring Miriam that we should NOT get snow it’s only October 1st this is Georgia for goodness sakes!

I was just cleaning my glasses and it dawned on me something my Father told me many years ago.
He said, “Sis (if you aren’t familiar with Midwesterners, all female family members are called Sis, kinda adorable) anyway He said,”Sis, sometimes in life we don’t need to change our situation, we just need a new pair of glasses with which to see.”
So true, we have only so much control of our surroundings and the people around us.


If you have ever tried herding cats or goats, you know how many ways your life can trot off. Hiding under the couch, knocking a lamp over, skidding across the counter and falling into the sink of soapy water…but then again that’s just me before I have coffee!!
Being on the road everyday you encounter lots of things that surprise and delight you and some things that just…well…surprise and shock and awe you.
Like the time we waited 7 hours for the Post Office to give us our forwarded mail. Yes you read that correctly.  We were parked in the parking lot so long, we ate lunch and dinner under the shade of a three branch skinny minny tree with 4 leaves to rub together. But those 4 leaves did their best to hold hands and give us as much shade  coverage as possible, like ring around the rosie with toothpicks.
We stayed so long…people were trying to order sandwiches at Miriam’s window, they thought we were a food truck.
Go with the flow we say, oh and always have good coffee, that is really the key, and a sandwich. Yes that’s it…. the true secret of having a new view with your new glasses…is good coffee, good sandwich and wifi from Panera. That’s the secret to a happy life.
The key to looking at life with a new pair of glasses gives you the ability to have peace of mind and calmness of spirit at any moment. Push up those spectacles take a deep breath, and go with the flow, so much better than pitching a spectacular tantrum in the middle of the post office.
Oh and another tip that makes life better, always use UPS to forward your mail to a UPS store, apparently the post office DOES NOT appreciate receiving UPS boxes.
Who knew??

Talk soon.
Miriam amd Kristi
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