Today we awake in Michigan, cool and crisp leaves blowing, apple cider perking with the deliciousness of cinnamon wafting through the air.


Beautiful Dawn Vigoa Cuisine tour 2015

We listen to classical music on public radio as Miriam constantly interrupts me to point out beautiful scenery as she drives into the early morning day. I pretend to be irritated, but from my squeals of delight I’m sure it just encourages her to continue to interrupt me! Classical music always inspires Miriam to conduct her imaginary symphany while she drives. I’m sure people passing by probably think we have a disoriented bee in the car.

The horns on the radio Herald our exit from Michigan to Ohio and on to Georgia.
We left for this leg of the tour back in April and have so loved seeing all our old friends and meeting all our new friends. We have camped and cooked and hauled ourselves all over the country.


Camping Vigoa Cuisine Tour 2015

We have shared recipes and had recipes shared with us. We have sipped coffee in quaint places and set up our tent along the banks of the great lakes.
We have held on for dear life to our tent during gusts from massive thunderstorms, swapped fishing stories with old fisherman, heck Miriam even cooked up some…..good stories of her own!


We invite you to come along with us as we share our adventures and personal journey along the way. Invite your friends and share the fun.
How 2 women entrepreneur’s travel the U.S. to take their healthy meal solutions straight to the doorsteps of the American family.
See you soon with pictures stories and lots of surprises along the way.
Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh


Two Women Entrepreneur’s travel America

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