Grilled Salmon on salad with Apples and Dried Cherries


Now is the season for
salads freshness and
fruits galore. In the
summer it feels as if
everything is in season.

Just pop over to any
farmers market or local
cafe and the menus are
bursting with fruit.

In this salad you can
grill, broil or saute the
salmon in
Original Canary island
garlic and herb olive oil.

2 tablespoons to 6oz of fish
Medium heat. Cook till you
see the
White appear between layers.
Usually 3-5 minutes per side
depending on thickness.

Grab a mixed greens salad pop hot salmon on top and drizzle
with a bit of honey and cut
an apple up top with cherries
or dried cherries. You got some
kinda good stuff delicious.

Next time we will talk about an outrageous breakfast recipe using leftover salmon!!

Of course this salad is so good you probably won’t have any left over for the leftovers!

Talk soon
Miriam and Kristi
If you adore food pics wild trips and great sunsets. And of course easy fun weekday recipes follow us on Instagram


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