Radish for Radical Health


Today it’s all about easy, fast food. But rarely is the fast food easy on you! Here is a fast healthy food to pop any time of day with Radical Health Benefits….it’s the ruby red radish.

3 Awesome Health Benefits of the Radish

1.) Bodacious Brassica Family member.
This radish is part of the power house of cruciferous veggies and can help protect you against cancer.  High fiber for colon health. Also has been shown to affect the genetic pathways of cancer, causing cancer death.

2.) Dynamite Digestive Health.
Radishes stimulate bile which helps liver and gallbladder. Also the fiber helps keep everything “moving right along”.

3.) Happy Heart Health.
Radishes are full of antioxidents which fight all the junky free radicals in our body from processed foods. Antioxidents help lower cholesterol which has been found to lower your risk of heart disease.

Pretty powerful for a little ruby red radish. They store well for eating on the run. Miriam buys them and we wash and detach the greens and pop in the cooler.

If this has been helpful to you please share with your friends and family.

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Next time we talk powerhouse smoothies!!


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