Green beans for breakfast. It’s the new cheerios!!


This is a delish way to use some of the organic chicken you just bought. Cut up a chicken breast in quarter size pieces and shazzaam! 
Okay a more precise recipe!
One of the soopah doopah reasons people love the Canary island garlic and herb olive oil, is because it’s ridiculously easy to get mouthwatering flavor without drama in the kitchen.
Simply Shake, Splash & Eat!
2 tablespoons of Original Canary Island olive oil
3 garlic cloves sliced (use the USA ones)
1/2 onion sliced
3 cups snapped fresh green beans
1 chicken breast butterflies and diced
1 big handful raw baby kale
1/2 cup brown rice cooked
A.) Saute the first 4 ingredients for 4 minutes stirring ever 30 seconds or so on medium heat.
B.) Scoot ingredients over to side of pan and add chicken and cook separately for 3 minutes.
C.) After chicken cooks scoop beans on top of chicken and add brown rice on beans and add raw kale. Turn heat off and put lid on to steam kale.

Pull out your plate and serve the kale will be Wilted but still vibrant. You want your veggies to still crunchy so helps with your blood sugar.

Please share this with your friends that may have high blood pressure or are struggling to eat low sodium. Also great for easy recipes for diabetics who love flavor but want to eat healthy.

Leave us a comment any questions or ideas we would love to hear from you.
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Talk soon
Miriam Vigoa and Kristi Linebaugh
To order Canary island garlic and herb olive oil


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