Garlic heals! Proof positive

Good morning,
Miriam and I are headed down to Sunrise Florida this weekend to participate in the Woodstock Arts and Crafts Festival in Well by Park Saturday and Sunday. We would love to see you. Also if you are thinking of shipping out the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil
For Christmas, we are shipping now. But you know we are small batch so when we sell out we sell out and won’t be making anymore till January. So call us or go directly on line
Oh before I tell you about the garlic. we want to let you know we are on Instagram @canaryislandoliveoil
Stay connected over there as well with recipes and giveaways. Follow us.
Now to the garlic proof of healing. Well in an article we were researching for our new book. Garlic has any healing properties not only for lowering blood pressure and triglycerides. Also it is know as an adaptogenic. That is an ingredient that has been found to be included in a diabetics diet and it won’t raise the augar. Also with all the antiviral benefits as well as antioxidents it’s a super good way to protect against flu bugs and other types of viruses running amuck today.
Well also we learned that it is also good as an antiseptic. Well this week I was raking leaves and gathering them to bag and I reached down and grabbed a big sticker jamming it into my finger! Shazaam! Well needless to say after it was said and done the next say it was red and swollen and very sore.
We have lots of fresh garlic around so I cut a clove in half lengthwise and rubbed it on the swollen red area until the clove was sticky and started drying out. Well this morning I had totally forgotten about it because the pain and swelling was completely gone!!!!
Woo hoo!!!
Well that’s it for today, signing off till next time. We are the olive oil girls.
Splash up a storm,
Kristi and Miriam
Grab your holiday Canary island olive oil. Lime is sold out. So grab the hot and original while you can


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