Michigan Organic Blueberries are delish


Organic blueberry arugula and greens said with brocolli

Who doesn’t love organic blueberries? Full of great antioxidents can be eaten raw or frozen for later savoring. My Mom puts frozen blueberries in her hot oatmeal in the morning, it’s a great way to cool off the oatmeal and adding great goodness to your breakfast. The instant oatmeal with blueberries are loaded with sugar and all kinds of weirdness. Quaker oats blueberry and cream instant oatmeal has 36 ingredients!!! With several forms of MSG. Ugly ugly 😮
But this post is about salad sooo..
The farmers markets are busting loose on the veggies and lots of organics are easy to find up here in Michigan we love organic arugula and mixed power greens you can get great organic greens from Kroger super dooper fresh and when you buy at Kroger you earn gas points, you can’t beat that with a stick.
We like to use the small bags of chopped brocolli it’s easier to deal with while traveling and easy to make a salad at the rest stop picnic area. Right now we are on our way to pick up some more fresh cut pineapple for our afternoon salads. This recipe is especially good with the Lime Canary island garlic and herb olive oil.Miriam usually  tops this salad with ground flax and chia seeds to add extra fiber and helps with the blood sugar.
What’s an easy way to keep extra fiber In your diet?
If you like food pictures we also have an instagram page #canaryislandoliveoil
See you soon,
Kristi and Miriam


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