Warding off a cold the old fashioned way

Miriam and I talk to thousands of people and of course there’s lots of hand shaking and hugs galore. We love seeing our Splashed customers. Sometimes it’s easy to catch a cold or a flu and then you are out of commission and owning a restaurant and olive oil company we are super duper busy so… Here’s our sure fire way to prevent the snot nose I can’t breath and or eat I’m so clogged up kinda day.
Boil water and crush a clove of garlic and steep garlic in hot water cup for 5 minutes and drink water. We feel like a million bucks and no snot nose anymore.  But hey we aren’t doctors we don’t even play them on t.v but we do love to use food to heal our bodies. So if you wanna check it out. Let us know how it goes 🙂



2 thoughts on “Warding off a cold the old fashioned way

  1. Does the visitors center at 27 still carry your oil and cookbooks? What weekends or Mondays will your cafe be open in April?
    Thank You,


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