A sure cure for.dandruff..herschal style


This is my cat Herschal (that’s short for Sebastian) well he just got back from a staycation at his favorite day spa. Well he had a bit of dandruff when he got home, too much catting around I suppose. So, I read an article about yogurt getting rid of dandruff, for people, well Herschal thinks he’s a person. So I figured we would give it a try. I tried to take a picture of him in the tub, but he’s bashful, after all he only had on yogurt. So I waited until he got out. Well it all went really well. And it got off excess hair as well, so much more pleasant than a hairball, I should say. Well I towel dried  him, he prefers a towel dry instead of the hair dryer, its hard on your hair ya know. So now he is finishing off the job, with a full body massage. Very relaxing. The great thing is if I missed any yogurt when I rinsed him off, he doesn’t mind licking it off, and it isn’t full of chemicals like regular dandruff shampoo is. Herschal doesn’t like GMO’s either. So he prefers a natural cure for dandruff. Now he is dandruff free and smells like, well, yogurt:-)
So I can’t guarantee all cats love yogurt baths but Herschal loves a nice yogurt bath to finish his long weekend at the spa.
Tell us what you think in the comments, we would love to hear
Good night,
Kristi and Herschal


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