No No GMO..My Mama told me there would be days like this..

Senate rejects farm bill’s GMO labeling amendment. GMO is well, OMG crazy. I just watched a video that said the supporters of not labeling foods that have GMO’s spent over 30 Million dollars to block the efforts to expose foods using GMO’s. People like Coke, Pepsi, Silk soy milk, you know all the big guys.Let’s look at why they don’t want to list the ingredients that are Genetically Modified Organisms.

Well first of all, and probably last of all, it’s about money. If a company can buy a “food like” substance and pass it for edible and only pay pennies, then it stands to reason they would make more money when they sell it. So if you buy a hamburger from  the yellow arches, you know who, for $1.00 it stands to reason that a lot of the stuff in the $1.00 burger probably couldn’t be counted as actual food. This is freakish and I know you probably won’t believe me, but a symbol of our childhood, you know the guy with big red shoes and red hair, his name starts with Ronald and ends in Mcdonald, well guys, he has betrayed us. In one hamburger there are over 35 ingredients, most of them, actually all of them I couldn’t pronounce. And…guess what, some of the ingredients are listed on the FDA list of pesticides and fertilizers. Uh hello! I thought I was ordering a hamburger. Oh I almost forgot to tell you, one hamburger contains the meat from 1,000 cows. I think we can safely say, if mad cow disease was ever let loose in the U.S it would be impossible to tract down the guilty cow.  There is a great video on youtube called the bionic burger check out their burger museum video. It shows a museum of hamburgers dating back to the 1980’s they still look edible. Scary mary! My Mama told me to eat my veggies, but she never said nothin bout bionic burgers lurking around the yellow arches!

I haven’t even told you about the chicken nuggets, or the “what the heck is in here?” nuggets. Well the next time you go to the grocery store and you see organic, grassfed  beef that was pasture raised and not fed hormones, concrete or other cows! yes it’s true. And you think it’s expensive to eat organic, just remember, when you buy organic, you actually are buying and eating food! Not sucking on a bottle of cleaning detergent chemicals, passed off as “food”.

It’s not that organic is expensive, it’s that the “food like substances and GMO’s” are just really really cheap! And like my business partner, Miriam Vigoa says,” you either pay a little more now to eat organic and healthy or you pay a lot  to have the Dr.’s dig all that gunk out of you later.”

I should have listened to my Mama, I think I’m gonna go eat some broccoli 🙂

Authors: Kristi Linebaugh and Miriam Vigoa 1800 975 2677 Makers of the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil


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