Gluten free vegetarian pizza with fresh mozzarella


Here is an easy gluten free vegetarian pizza recipe for you. Gluten free crust (udies is good) Hummus Broccoli Onions Tomatoes Zucchini Red peppers Canary island garlic and herb Hot Splash olive oil Fresh mozzarella Organic baby spinach A.) Smear Hummus on crust B.) Top with chopped veggies of your choice. C.) Add fresh tomatoes and top with fresh mozzarella sliced, drizzle canary island garlic and herb over the top Bake at 400 in oven for 5 minutes or until cheese melts and turns golden. Easy cheesy! This is a healthy version of pizza that you will crave, its easy way to use up bits and pieces of raw veggies you may have sitting around. It’s real food without all the crazy chemicals and sodium of the big box pizza places. Use organic veggies when you can, the veggies will still be raw so it adds great fiber to your tummy. Please share our recipes and maybe a friend will make a gluten free veggies pizza for you 🙂 Till next time, Splash up a a storm Check out our site and sign up for more free recipes at


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