Pam cooking spray: like feeding your family chemical sludge


Pam is Americas number 1 selling cooking spray. Not surprising as a lot of popular diets recommend Pam because they save calories and fat. Then Pam kicked it up a notch by adding Pam with Olive Oil. Tricky tricky. It’s like saying its okay to eat asphalt if you spray it with Pam with olive oil in it. Like serving your family a side of asphalt broccoli. Not such a good idea. Pam cooking spray contains GMO (genetically modified organisms), propane/butane. Sounds like sucking on a Zippo lighter, to me. When we teach our cooking classes we use only olive oil, the way it was intended, straight from the tree, no funky chemicals included. The Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil is our secret sauce for outrageous flavor…minus the chemical sludge. The new book Rich Food Poor Food uncovers the faux foods that big manufacturers are selling your family, charging you for chemicals instead of food. It’s no wonder these “food” products are so cheap, they aren’t actually food. So when you think about it, Organic food is made to look expensive, because it is compared to chemical imposters parading as food. Let’s compare apples to apples and not apples to Frankenstein dressed in a halloween, Apple suit. It is a trick after all, so give yourself a treat, eat a real Apple instead. Till next time eat well, be well, 🙂


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