5 Minute “Not Instant” Brown Rice

Good Morning,

We are at our restaurant, Cafe Latte Coffee House and Eatery, in Winter Haven, FL.  Miriam is in the back making her famous Chicken and Yellow Rice, and I thought I would sit down in the cafe, between customers, and give you a fast recipe.

This recipe came from Miriam’s Mom, Flora or as we call her in our upcoming cookbook, Florita.  Florita made all of our soups here at Cafe Latte for 10 years, until her passing.  She always had the most awesome ways of making soup and brown rice.  She would make up a big batch of brown rice and then put it into portion size zip locs and pop it in the freezer

She would get up the next morning and pull out her portion of rice for the day and she would sit it in the refrigerator to thaw and then when she was ready to eat it she just warmed it up.  Brown Rice in 5 minutes!!

It’s a Great time saver for busy families!


Miriam and Kristi

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